cant do it anymore

i cant do it anymore, i cant keep fighting all the time, bein told by mum yesterday that ppl in the family think im puttin it on, im fakin it, im only acting bad wen mum is bad, bein forced thru hoops before im deemed worthy of getting help, bein told that a family member will help me but only if i jump thru his hoops to justify why i need help, i need a crutch to walk properly, but yet im puttin it on, i dont use a crutch im faking it, im putting it all on coz they wont ask me bout ms so they come to there own conclusions bout me, slag me off coz i cant go out all the time coz im that tired i just wanna sleep, its my own fault coz i dont go out n meet ppl, im tired n i really cant do it anymore, ive had enuf, im startin to think it’ll be better off for everyone if i wasnt here anymore coz i cant handle the crap

hi anon

i dont know but it sounds to me that you are a young girl, forgive me if you’re a middle aged man!

now you need to get some counselling through your gp. it will help you to talk to someone who doesnt know your family.

i dont know what help,is available but this is the first step.

hopefully you will be given advice, even if it is only to speak to CAB.

can you talk to your gp? he or she might know of an organisation who could help.

whatever you do, dont go on thinking it would be better if you werent here (unless you have a caribbean island to go to).

people think they are helping by telling you to get out there. i know that they aren’t!

take care of yourself

love carole xxx

mum says she believes me, but i have to keep eplaining all the time bout ms like shes tryin to trip me up altho shes bin with me wen the neuro told me i have ms last march, my sis dont really talk to me much now if i have a moan bout someone then she’ll go runnin n grassin me up to them, my other bro i dont really see much, my other bro has his head up his butt n wants me to jump thru hoops before he will help me, i cant anymore, my dad understands i have bad days but looks like hes bin thinkin the whole time that im puttin it on wen mums bad, like shes the only one allowed to be bad, i wish i never had bin told i had ms, it would be easier on everyone else n less stress and heart break on me goin thru all this crap, im 35 got dx last march n im female, called samaritans before buit didnt really help much

Oh Anon. You sound so low.

Like Carole and Jen have said it sounds as if you need urgent professional help to get you through these times.

Ring the MS Helpline for some support. It sounds as if you need to talk to get you through these tough times.

Do it now please please.

Shazzie xx

even if i call the helpline, they cant do anythin, the problems still gona b thee no matter wat i do, the only thing stoppin me doin somethinj is my cat n thats it., my bro can go to hell now i want nothin to do with him, from now on ill just only use the crutch in the flat n not use it wen i go to mum n dads or go out with mum, that shud cut out sum crap

Hi Anon, I really feel for you, it must be so frustrating and sad to have to justify yourself to people all the time who you know don’t believe you. I would just stop trying to explain, print off stuff about MS and give it to them, you can’t make them read it or believe you so just leave it with them and don’t even try to talk to them about it, let them come to you. While you wait on them coming to you get your support from people on here, the helpline and hopefully your friends have not abandoned you too. I know people on here and the helpline can’t make your family believe you but it will let you vent and get stuff off your chest so you won’t feel so alone. Don’t even think about doing something to yourself, there is more to live for than your cat. Are you on DMD’s, if so they may start to help you feel better soon and you don’t want to waste your life on people who don’t want to see what is in front of them. Go to your GP and see about getting some anti depressants too as you sound very down and they may help you see things more clearly. Big hugs Lx

anon, please call the helpline, you’ll be able to talk to someone who DOES know about ms. it’ll allow you to get some of your feelings off your chest. i started to feel some of what you’re feeling and went to my gp, i was put on nortriptyline to help with my being so down, it really helped me get back to feeling in control, i agree with others that counselling might be a real help too, had that years ago and it did help me. keep coming here too, we understand what ms is like, there’s always someone who gets what you’re dealing with, hell, i get the cat thing too, i’ve got 3 of them. keep talking, us, ms helpline samaritans again all of us, and crying always helps me get rid of some of the pressure build-up.

talk and take care.

wendy xx

im on antidepressants, i have alot of psychiatric problems aswell as ms, gona call mind n try to get help from them for my mental problem side…ive left all the info i have bout ms n everythin at mum n dads

Hello anon

Sorry your going through such a bad time. Its horrible for you that your not getting the support you need from your family at the moment.

For now I would concentrate on looking after yourself. Make an appointment to see your gp as already mentioned…some counselling would be really helpful. I hope you have some close friends you can talk to. I’m afraid the old saying still goes…you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. For now concentrate all your energy on yourself and give your family some space to think.

Have you got a local MS group you could join? this may be helpful and of course talking to us guys on here. Once you start making positive decisions for you anon then you will start to feel better.

Take care, Norren

PS: Noreen…can’t spell my own name now lol

Glad you are gonna call MIND and that you have left info at your mum and dads.

Try not to worry about what others are thinking just make sure you take care of yourself. I know it’s hard.

Shazzie xx

mind is shut, sane is constantly engaged n 2 others i tried are shut, why bother, its gona take till after xmas to see the dr, i cant self refer to the mental health group as its thru dr only, dont have a crisis team number, screw it, im just gona go to bed

You can get an emergency appointment to see gp in the morning anon or tonight if your feel your mental health is geting out of control. I know this is correct because my lovely husband is manic depressive and over the years I have had to do this more than once.

You make the phone call anon

Like Noreen says call your emergency GP number and let them know that your feelings are out of control. I am sure they will offer you an urgent appt tonight. There are also Mental Health Teams at A & E.


I think a lot of the people on here can identify with what is going on with your family. I struggled for a couple of years time before being diagnosed and the most problems came from my work colleagues not beleiving there was anything wrong. Even now I still get crap from one particular person who goes out of their way to make things difficult. I dont know how to advise you to get through this but talking to the MS people has to be the way forward. I hope your family finally get the message that you are having problems.

I wish you all the best as im sure the contributors on here do too.

You are not alone!!


last time i ended up in hospital it didnt go well, they left me for over half hr, asked me if i felt better, i said not by much at all, n all i got was ok then we’ll send you home as your feeling better, i told mum n dad the next day n got accused of doing it for attention, i have ptsd, unstable personality disorder, depression n dissociative disorder, all diagnosed by drs n psychiatrists and all proven n recorded n they know it. tried cbt before n had to leave coz i wanted to beat the hell out the therapist coz all i kept gettin was…you only have so many sessions, its not a cure, it mite not even help anyway, so i stopped for my sanity n her safety, the dr put me on a month of antipsychotic meds n that was it, so basically im tryin to cope on my own, the psychiatrist saw me once, needed to see me again, saw a different psychiatrist who discharged me after 10 minutes of seein him, now i am goin to bed, hopefully itll be better tomoro, i have no idea, ill call the drs in the mornin n tell him im gettin bad again n need to see him asap

Hope you manage to get some sleep. I know its a bad place to be when something goes wrong in the mind…hopefully getting some medication and counselling will help. xxx