Can't Change Avatar

Hi y’all

I can’t change my avatar. I’m getting fed up with the yellow smiley as I don’t feel like smiling at the moment due to my UTI.

I’ve changed it before with no problems but this time it isn’t having it.

Shazzie xx

  • Can I have a wee pic too?I don’t know how to go about it…
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I think there’s a problem with updating profiles. Normally, you’d go to ‘my homepage’ and update your profile. But it’s not allowing me to go into the profile.

Maybe Steph will look into it?


Oliver, Val, Steph. Help us with our little pics.

Shazzie xx

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But yours is so sweet Shazzie, I know you said you didn’t feel very sunny at the moment, but it is really quite cute.


I know Sue. I like it when I feel good but it gets on my nerves if I feel grumpy. Lol!!!


Thanks Val. Oliver said there is a problem. I’m just being inpatient. Lol!!


Ah! Glad I found this thread. Just posted somewhere about not being able to do Avatar and profile. :slight_smile:

Shazzie, I love yours. Are they your own natural lashes? x

Don’t you want to know if mine are natural lashes?

I want to know if you scowl like that or was that just for the camera!!!

I’m naturally a scowler. I tried to smile but it just didn’t work.

Grumpy Sue

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Hehe. Fluffy Sue. :slight_smile:

  • Sue you sure are the cats see that there is a problem with the
  • The profile button… thanks for saying.

Hahahaha Poppy. Of course they are my own lashes and my real hair!!! Lol.

Sue. You’re never grumpy. I think your facial hair may need a trim though hahahaha!!

Agree with you Rosie Sue it the cats whiskers.


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback and I’m sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately, the page to edit your profile, is currently down and this is something we are doing are best to get fixed and back up and working asap.

I know it’s taking a while, and I apologise for the inconvenience, but I appreciate your patience with this and we’re hoping to have this working again asap. I will let you know when our web-team wizards get this sorted.

Best wishes,


Web-team wizards eh?

Do you think they are actually magicians? Wave a magic wand and all is resolved?

That would be why some of us have such trouble with technology!!

And they’re all called Harry! :slight_smile:

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