Cannabis oil

Has anyone any ideas on who I can get a prescription from for cannabis oil as it has been legalised but only certain doctors can prescribe.

i bought CBD oil from CBD Brothers and from SurePure.

you’re probably thinking of a stronger variety.

you need to put feelers out to find those certain doctors.

some neuros are more broad minded so try your neuro.

I don’t think you should hold your breath. The legislation surrounding this ‘legal medical cannabis’ is surrounded by conditions. The ‘medicine’ would have to have been proven by scientific trials that it’s effective. Plus, whatever symptom it’s to help with, whether it’s pain or spasticity, you should have tried existing drugs that you either couldn’t tolerate, or they just didn’t work for you. So we are still some way away from being able to just trot along to our neurologist, ask for a prescription and leave with said medicine having been prescribed. Some people might say ‘what a big fat con!’


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Sue is correct,

I was put on Sativex, but it wasnt my MS clinic who finally prescribed it .

They had to request that I had a consultation with a spasticity consultant at a different hospital, she then wanted to know which medications I had already tried and the dosages, she then decided that I needed to try some of the same medication again at different dosages and write a very specific diary over 3 months, I then returned and could show that this exercise did nothing for my symptoms, so she then put me on 2 other medications to try for another 3 months, again writing out a diary, in the meantime I had to attend physio and see a FES specialist, just to see if there were “other avenues” to go down before prescribing Sativex, which both the physio and FES specialists thought there wasnt.

Another 3 months on and my symptoms were the same, in fact one of the meds that was prescribed had pushed my liver test unction through roof, so high in fact that it got to the point where my GP wrote to the spasticity specislist telling she was going to refuse to keep writing out a prescription for this particular medication (Tizanadine).

I returned to the spasticity consultant with all this “evidence” hoping she would now finally go straight for Sativex, not a chance, she told me to still take one of the meds, wean off the the one that was effecting my liver (TiZ) and come back in another 8 weeks !

The level had dropped enough for me to finally start Sativex but it took another 4 months to get back to normal.

There has to be “significant improvement” over those 3 months for the consultant to allow a further 2 months 'trial", after that if theres a clear & proven picture that the Sativex is working the consultant will allow your GP to prescribe the Sativex.

Oddly after all the protocol and bullshit I wasnt even given an actual dose pattern to follow whilst trialling the Sativex, it was basically a verbal instruction of “keep topping up until you feel any benefits and pull back if you feel side effects before benefits”

Also I stopped the Sativex trial around 6 weeks ago and havent heard a single thing from the spasticity consultant !!!

I’ve left countless messages but no one has returned my calls, my MS clinic has now written to her to find out whats going on.

By the way, after all the red tape and waiting to get onto Sativex, it did bugger all for me, however my MS clinic want me to go back onto Baclofen and perhaps combine it with Sativex , hence my MS clinic writeing to the spasticity consultant.

So if she ever decides to reply to my calls or the letter that my MS clinic has written I might have to go through all this crap again ?

As Sue said its all a big con !!

My daughter (who has MS) Started to take Cannabis oil which is available legally online. It has very little THC content probably no good for children with epilepsy however it has really helped her with anxiety and also leg spasms. I am sure the medicinal cannabis has a higher ratio of THC but there are so many other properties in Cannabis oil so I believe it is worth a try.

it is not inexpensive but nothing compared to pharmaceutical drugs and you only need a few drops 2 or 3 times a day. My daughter was on anti depressants which made her feel like a zombie so she weaned herself if he tablets and now only takes the Cannabis oil.

I did try pure CBD oil for a while before asking my MS clinic about trying Sativex.

In fact it was the herbalist who was selling me the oil at £60 per bottle who advised me to ask about the Sativex after I commented that I wasnt seeing a benefit with just the oil.

He basically said stop wasting my money and try to get the real thing, which I thought was a very honest gesture.

If I recall the particular brand I was using was a 1000mg with 16% pure CBD ?

Obviously everyone is different and we all react differently to medication, whether that be supplements or real medication.

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While it seems likely that you can get benefits from some ‘alternatives’, it is important to understand that you take into account any possible interactions between the prescription drugs you may be taking and the alternatives.

Its a difficult question to answer and I have never tried CBD Oil [link removed by moderator]

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