Cancer drug to help MS and replace interferon?

read this on yahoo thought i’d post in case anyone missed it.


Hey Steph

You are refereing to what was called Campath, the drugs name is Alemtuzumab and the brand name is Lemtrada.

It has been found to be extremely effective for people who have just been diagnosed with MS and are having a severe relapse rate just after being diagnosed. It is quite a dangerous drug as it wipes out the immune system and causes it to reboot. Most Ms’ers are tried on the betaferons or Copaxone first (unless they are relapsing quite regularly) and then if they don’t work could be moved on to this or another treatment called Tysabri (which I am on). Both are considered chemoptherapy drugs, Lemtrada is administered over 5 days twice, a year apart and Tysabri is a 4 weekly infusion. I, personally, am going to be sticking to Tysabri as some of the isde effects of Lemtrada do concern me.

The only problem is that the drug company hjas withdran it from the market and it has been prescribed off licence for MS by MS neuros. There is a massive concern at the momen that the drug compnay may try to increase the price of it by at leat 20 times, when it originally cost £2,500 for a years course. I am not sure if it as awaiting licencing in this country and when it has been it will be looked at by NICE to see if it is cost efffective, tough given the concerns about the price this may not happen if it turns out to be as expensive as that.


I’m on rebif at the moment bt I was only diagnosed in April but as my record is 5-6 relapses last year I was warned I might end up on a real strong drug which I’m guessing is the one your on. All this talk is completely over my head and I’m just relying on my neuro to do what’s best for me. Steph