Can you snap your fingers

Hi everyone hope you are all keeping well. I haven’t posted in a while but I have been keeping an eye on all the posts. I wanted to ask a quick question I know it sounds silly but… has anyone noticed a different in the sound clicking your fingers make. Please don’t laugh but whilst playing with my little niece I’ve discovered the sound is different on my bad side than it is on my good side. I bet your all trying it now please let me know. Xx

Hi Ruby Yes I did try clicking my fingers but my first reaction was “Wow, you can click your fingers on BOTH you hands!”. All my life I have tried clicking my fingers without success, until a few months ago when my 4yr old granddaughter helped to get a rather inferior click out of them. I am now going to show how stupid I am by admitting that I never realised that click is made when your finger hits your palm! :-\

I can’t click my fingers!

i’ve never been able to click fingers on left hand, still can click right hand though.

carole x

Hi Everyone

Teddie I am ashamed to admit I just found this out too that its the noise from your thumb hitting your palm lol.

It was my left hand that I had problems with Pigpen and my right side is fine as well.

I think this was the start of something else as I feel awful today, havent even got the energy to snap my fingers. x

Hi Ruby - I find it very difficult to click my fingers on my bad side - so yes there is a big difference in the sound made between the two. It is strange what you take for granted - have always done - but now it is different, or you are unable to do it. I know (years ago) I tried to show my grandchildren how to do a cartwheel - and was very disappointed when I couldn’t.

I keep practisng touching my toes with straight legs to make sure I can still do that.

Jackie xx

ditto flowerpot!

Dunno,haven’t been out for a meal for some time



Yes, can click on right side, but not on my bad left side. Can’t touch my ring finger or little finger with my thumb.


Behave wobbly boy! Gave me a giggle! I can actually click better on my bad side,strange but true.

Have never been able to click mine ( or whistle ).

I’ve never been able to click my left hand either. As for whistling, for a while I couldn’t do it after I had paralysis of the right side of my face, 6 months later I can whistle again, badly but probably better than before as I’ve been practicing.

It’s making me smile, thinking of you all clicking and whistling :slight_smile: don’t tell your doc’s, they might give you another pill :slight_smile:

I can cick with my good (right) hand - I’m right handed anyway so I’m lucky in that respect. I used to be able to click with my left hand, pre-MS, though it might well have had a different soud but that is now by bad side and I can’t click at all.