Can u listen to an audiobook in an MRI?

Hi, I have my mri on thurs. Am ok about it but worried about being bored. They have said I can bring a CD in, but actually I have an audiobook I’d love to be able to listen to. Can’t remember from my last mri whether that’d be feasible - it’s loud but is it too loud? Thanks Leah :slight_smile:

From what I can recall about noise levels, that would be fine Leah (what a good idea!). The only problem I can forsee is if you want to start at a particular place, but if you’re starting from the beginning, no problem.


I don’t see that there would be any reason why you can’t listen to an audio book - the issue of volume also applies to music. The main thing is to have something to help you pass the time!

Sorry to be a party-pooper, but I don’t think it would work. I took a music CD to mine, but the noise of the machine was so loud I could only just about recognize some tracks, some of the time - and that was with a CD I knew and had played lots of times.

I honestly don’t think I would have been able to follow an audio book at all, and it would have been frustrating trying to piece it together from fragments of half-heard sentences. I suppose, ultimately, it might depend what volume setting they choose in the control room (for the CD, I mean, not the MRI - which only has one setting: LOUD!) But if it’s anything like mine, sorry ,not recommended, I’m afraid. I think lying there for 40 or 50 minutes with an audiobook you couldn’t make out would be more tortuous than just opting for music.

Recent BBC adaptation of Jamaica Inn, anyone? :wink:

I had no problems hearing my music CD, it didn’t drown out the scanner but I could hear enough to follow which track was playing and to sing along in my head.

Lelole, consider taking a music CD as well and ask the staff doing the scan what they think. At least if you have a music CD and they say no to the audiobook, you’ll still have something to listen to.

Hi all, thanks for all your replies. I did wonder about the noise, I remember how noisy it was but just cannot remember whether I could hear my cd or not. I think I will just take a music cd with me and hope I fall asleep! Leah :slight_smile:

I had radio through those headphones. It was crackly really badly. At the same time, you’ve got the worst banging noise :s it’s still a distraction from the machine though. After a bit I get sleepy as it’s so boring :smiley:

Hi all, had my mri this morning, and tried listen to the music on cd but it was too noisy a lot of the time to hear it at all, it became a annoyance in the end. Hopefully no next time, but if there is I probably won’t bother with anything… It wasn’t too bad. Apparently a 6 week wait for the report to go to the neuro so gotta just carry on being a patient patient for now… Keeping busy looking at holidays… :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it went alright, apart from the noise lol. Xx

Thanks Beverley :slight_smile: