can this still be MS? Grateful for all opinions x

Hi all,

its been a wee while since I have posted on here, so I will update my situation a little bit.

I was in hospital last July with what was thought to have been a stroke, however follow up appointments and further tests following discharge were suggestive of MS - the MRI which I had whilst in hospital showed ‘left ventricular demylination’.

I was discharged from the stroke doctor as he said I did not have a stroke, and I was referred to a neurologist.

She requested a MRI, neck and C spine was done, results showed that original ‘demylination’ was gone, and that there was no further lesions. Neurologist is now saying that I do not have MS but I had a stroke…Argghhhhhh! Talk about pass the buck!

My health continues to limit my life. I feel more like 70 than 42 :frowning:

There are days when I can barely walk or use my hands due to pain and numbness/tingling.

Anyway, I guess what I would love to know is could this still be MS?

Has anyone else been through a similar experience and gone on to have a positive diagnosis?

Grateful for all replies,


samm x

I can’t really help I’m afraid but just wanted to send you massive hugs. Sounds like you are having a really tough time. Might be worth getting a 2nd opinion x

Hi Samm, who are you seeing now? I am hoping that they haven’t discharged you. What were your initial symptoms when you were admitted with the suspected stroke? It is just that I was wondering could you have had an attack of ADEM which shows on brain and then usually clears up. Symptoms can last a while (often months) and then fade. My neighbour went through this - it started with slurred speech, weakness pins and needles etc. . She was initially told stroke, then MS, then ADEM. She had it 6 years ago and is still on something for the pins and needles but is fine now,

Moyna x

Silly question but what is ADEM? X

Sorry to hear you’re going through this Samm :frowning:

I hope they manage to diagnose you properly very soon xxxx

I can understand how frustrating this must be, hugs from me.

I think you’ll need to seek second and third opinions to get some answers. I have no knowledge of stroke, or MS for that matter as I’m undiagnosed but struggling on. Obviously, the issues you have aren’t ‘normal’ and at your age and with your history it really should, in my opinion, be investigated further.

Good luck and do keep us posted xx

Thanks for all the replies! Its really good to hear from you all :slight_smile:

I have another appointment to see the neurologist in August, unsure what its for though. She originally suggested a lumbar puncture following MRI, but I don’t know if this will be done now due to MRI results being clear.

When I was admitted with the suspected stroke, I had right sided weakness, mainly in my leg. It had started with what I can only describe as a feeling like an electric shock in my head - buzzing, dizzy, woozy, disorientated… followed by numbness creeping down my whole body, settling on right side. My speech was totally unaffected. I regained almost full mobility in my leg after approximately 2/3 weeks.


Hi, what is ADEM ? xx

Adem is acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. It’s another autoimmune condition but normally presents with multiple lesions that disappear over time. It normally follows a virus or infection and is normally detected through numerous blood tests and through scans such as MRI scans

Ah i see, thanks Karina x

That’s ok glad I could help. Adem is normally one of the first things they look for and rule out before looking at other diagnosis