OMG will I ever get a straight answer

Hi all, well the latest from my neurologist is not enough evidence at the moment to diagnose MS. The letter was so dismissive and said it could be eithe ADEM or small vessel cerebrovascular. My neurologist hasn’t ever discussed the later with me. I’m worried and furious as he has now dismissed me without even discussing this with me. My GP is not happy. I’m now paying to see a neurologist privately as I feel I’ve been messed about. I have so many symptoms at the moment with numbness and tingling and very bad twitching and spasms. Has anyone else been through something similar or can you advise please. Thanks

i’m horrified that your neuro has passed this off as small vessel cardiovascular disease without referring you on to a cardiovascular specialist.

no wonder your gp is not happy.

hope you get better answers from the private neuro.

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This sounds terrible. Neither diagnosis is something to take lightly. ADEM would normally need some follow on from the neurologist and being discharged without either this being treated nor a referral to a cardio specialist is shocking.

I understand why you are going private, but what does your GP think about this way of treating you? Is there someone else on the NHS to whom you could be referred? And who might be persuaded to treat you properly?


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Remember, most private Consultants are also in the NHS.
I saw one privately (Dx was Transverse Myelitis) and he referred me to himself at his NHS hospital.

This is common, and it can be a way of short-cutting the NHS delay.

It sounds like you got a Neuro who knew nothing about MS (all to common, regrettably).