Can someone please explain my lumber puncture results

Oligoclonal bands . Not Detected
Requested Tests: COB

CSF Protein . . . . 0.46 g/L (0.15-0.45)
CSF Glucose . . . . 2.9 mmol/L (2.7-4.4)
Requested Tests: COB*, CPR, CGL

could someone tell me what these results mean so confused

Protein . . . . 0.46 g/L (0.15-0.45)
CSF Glucose . . . . 2.9 mmol/L (2.7-4.4)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Melly

I don’t think anyone is likely to be so foolish as to attempt to read, understand and interpret your LP results in the absence of anything else.

The only thing I would say is that your CSF appears to be negative for oligoclonal bands. These are present in the CSF (but not the blood) for 80-95% of people with MS. Their absence doesn’t mean it’s not MS, just that it’s slightly less likely. (This is about the limit of my medical knowledge.)

However, all this is irrelevant as your neurologist would be looking at your CSF results in conjunction with MRI, physical neurological examination and maybe other tests.

All of which are necessary for a neurologist to decide whether you: a) have MS, b) do not have MS, c) have a different neurological disorder, d) have a different non-neurological disorder (requiring referral to a different specialism), or e) have nothing visibly wrong at all.

Hopefully you will soon have an appointment with your neurologist who can go through all your test results with you.



I’ve just had a quick look at our previous correspondence. And your worries about the LP as well as what the neurologist had said about your MRI not having lesions in the right places to be MS and not appearing to show demyelination. I’m sorry I didn’t remember before (that’s the trouble with answering a lot of posts!)

It does seem that when you see your neurologist, he is likely to come down quite firmly on the side of it not being MS. Or at least, that’s what I would guess. Just remember, it’s a guess, not an informed opinion.

But he may have other suggestions as to what it could be.

I hope so.


Hi sue,

thank you so much for responding ! I have seen my nurologist he said he dosnt think it is ms ! I said what is it ?? He said my lesions aren’t delimitation or in ms location but he wants to know more why I’m getting pins and needles down my leg so off for more brain and mri scans . He said my Lp results are fine but didn’t read me the results I read them when I got home.

he has also put me on vitamin d 5000 units a day :slight_smile:

once again thank you sue for responding xx

I was worried about Protein . . . . 0.46 g/L (0.15-0.45). Being one over but I guess he wasn’t to worried about it as he didn’t mention it just I need more mri of brain and spines :slight_smile:

It could be something fairly simple, a trapped nerve, something that’ll be obvious on the spinal MRI that’s causing the pins & needles. Maybe some physio will sort it out. That’s what I’d be hoping.

And I’m sure you’re right about the protein, it looks like it’s just one point over ‘normal’ levels.

But the good news is, you don’t have MS. I know sometimes you just want an answer, any answer, but from the standpoint of someone with fairly longstanding MS, it’s a good result. Honest.

Hopefully you’ll get a complete and final answer, preferably one that comes with a solution or a cure attached. And soon.


That’s what my ms nurologist said I would know if o had ms I would be getting worse my pins and needles would get worse . I just need to relax . Thank you once again sue for responding :slight_smile:

Hey Melly

if you don’t mind me asking what prompted you to see a neuro in the first instance? As your story is similar to mine

hope you don’t mind me asking I’m just curious x

After 25 years without a confirmed diagnosis, my new neurologist has finally told me I do have MS. I am now 69 years old with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and a host of additional ailments. My inability to walk recent(6 months) and I struggle with severe pins and needles and “lightning bolt” pain in my legs. He has left it up to me to decide whether to begin any treatment, as I currently on Methotrexate, Actrema, Cymbalta, Flexiril just to name a few. Don’t know what to do. Please advise.


What I’d suggest is that you start a new thread, there’s a button for that (not very obvious) you can start off the thread, give it a title, and write what you want to know.

What you’ve not said in your post is whether the neurologist has told you whether you have relapsing remitting or progressive MS. That will make a difference as to what, if anything, people can suggest to you.

All the best.


Diagnosed rrms. Tingling under control. Spasticity and footdrop occassionally. Fatigue is disabling . Its worse that anything. Tried drugs but they make me worse.fatigue makes me look and feel drunk without the alcohol.any suggestions. Neurologist thought it was ageing process. Not sure. Confirmed by lumbar puncture.