Lumbar puncture test results

Would anyone be able to offer there opinion on lumbar puncture results csf protein was 0.7g/l and glucose 3.8mmol/l There was no white cells or oligoclonal bands

Sorry but it’s impossible for any of us to pick apart your LP results. You really need your neurologist to do that for you.

Hopefully you can arrange that soon.


Hi, I had the same result; No O bands but I am having further tests, MRI on cervical spine next week and brain MRI again in Oct to see if there is any changes on the brain etc. I have one lesion (looked quite big size of a 50p!!) in the cerebellar and a array of pins and needles etc symptoms. Have you had an MRI?

Yes I had an mri which showed 2 t2 hyperintense lesions but radiologist said they are not deffinatley demyelinating so the neurologist said there nothing to worry about it not ms

That’s good news. Will you see your neuro again soon?

Yes I will be called back for a review but was with my gp today and she said the Neuro wrote to her and said there was nothing wrong with me

I am in a similar situation to both of you. No o bands. My neurologist who is an ms specialist seems to think it’s extremely rare to have ms with no o bands and 9 in every 10 people referred to him with suspected ms have o bands in csf fluid. I have 2 hyperintense spots. One described in the report as being a common finding on mri scans and bares no clinical significance and the second is neither inflammatory or demyelinating. Still the symptoms persist…

I think it is right that if o bands are there then they can back a diagnosis in ms. My consultant said that it’s probable not ms but My mri results letter said demyelination lesion in cerebella. So it’s a wait and see what and if there is any in the mri of cervical spine. Then brain scan in Oct… I’m just not thinking about it now. Get on with life but it’s tricky with being symptomatic which started in Oct last year with double vision, dizziness vertigo type now tingles numbness. Feeling old before my time at only 43