Can I be put on universal credit?

I am a pensioner and I have applied for government help as administered by Age Concern for Cambridgeshire. Before I send off the forms I am concerned that my local council might put me on Universal credit or might reduce my housing benefit or council tax? Can anyone advise me about this?

i am a pensioner 71, i get a pension and PIP. If you get a pension you can apply for pension CREDIT.

Have you any other money coming in are you below savings threshold. Pension credit if you get that you can automatically apply for housing benefit.

If you receive any form of disability help like P.I.P or DLA, you will automatically get 150.00 extra. You cant get universal credit if you are over state pension age.

You will get winter fuel payment etc.

So if you dont have pension credit you wont get help as it is assumed you are over the savings age for the 2 lots of payment second one is coming in november. thats how i read it anyway.

Hey there! Thank for this topic. It’s a lot helpful.