Can b12 injections affect neuro tests?

Hi i have recently been tested with low b12 and my doctor wants me to start b12 injections on Tuesday, however my neurologist believes the b12 deficiency might be a ‘red herring’ to some of the neuro symptoms I’m having. He noted the reflexes in my feet are abnormal and observed something in my eye- it’s all early days but I had my head/spine MRI yesterday and I don’t see him again til Aug. Question is should I go ahead with these b12 injections or should I wait til the neuro investigations are done? Can b12 injections affect the outcome of any tests such as lumbar puncture etc, should I eventually need them?

Hi ,

No the B12 injections will not effect the tests you will have done such as MRI or LP. Low B12 can cause a host of neuro symptoms so please have the jabs. If you went on to the pernicious anemia site then you would see loads of people with neuro symptoms due to lack of B12.

Moyna xxx