Symptoms and advice needed please

Hi I’m Lola & new to this forum but just looking for some advice as I’m feeling concerned and a little lost about my symptoms. It might be easier if I list them so here goes: I get a strange shaky feeling inside my brain which is difficult to explain and light headed or dizzyness / extreme exhausion/ blurred vision in one eye / frequent urination / long pauses between words which has only started recently / aching body esp in the morning / occasional pins& needles / plus more.

Iwas recently diagnosed with vit B12 deficiency and all additonal bloods cameback with no cause for the deficiency. I hav had B12 injections but still experiencing the strange wobbly headiness & tiredness, tingling etc.

I was thinking of having an eye test but I’m not sure what I should be asking the optician to check for. Any advice would be appreciated.



Hi Lola,

It’s not clear how long you have been taking B12 injections or whether they have retested your levels (either B12 or your mcv). I’m no expert so I don’t know how long these types of treatments take to fully kick in, but if the treatment has been given adequate time to do its job, surely the doc then needs to go to next steps.

If my problems don’t improve over the next three months, then the neuro has suggested next step is MRI. A neuro will look at how your symptoms began to figure out what tests you need. ie: you mention pins and needles, but where this began can tell them much about where to look for problems.

Take care

Astro x

There is a general thought on the pernicious anemia site that the injections that you get from the GP are just not given frequently enough. If B12 defiency has given someone neuro symptoms then they should have injections 3 times a week for 2 weeks. Then once a week for 4 weeks and then fortnightly. You could ask the nurse to show you how to do them yourself to save you running to appointments all the time. There is a Doctor in Wales Dr Riar who gives B12 infusions and also a form of active B12 methylocobablin that you can take every day.

Moyna xxx