Can anyone help me please?!

Hiya everyone my name is Kayleigh I am currently 24 with a 3 year old and an 8 month old baby & have been struggling very bad with various things for the over the past year or so. I already have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 3 years ago. But I am now currently awaiting to see a neurologist as various gps, osteopaths, chiropractors etc have been querying fibro plus ms for quite some time now. So I was hoping to gain a bit of support from here if I was to list my symptoms to gain your knowledgeable and humble opinions if possible please and also maybe our own experiences of how your ms started if anyone was willing to talk with me about this? As at present I am completely clueless about what ms even really is, how it’s diagnosed, the symptoms etc as nothing has been explained to me whatsoever! So…
I very often feel as though someone is hugging me very tight across kind of like my torso area and this makes me feel as though I am needing to take a deep breath to slightly relieve it but also actually struggle to take this deep breath.
I have new weakness in my legs and arms and very often lose balance and walk/fall into things. I very rarely go to the toilet through the day, but wake up at least 6 times through the night to go. I have a loss of grip in my left hand/arm. Upon moving my eyes or neck I get the worst electric shock sensation going through the whole of my body. I have unbearable pain in certain points in the base of my neck (bottom of head), actual neck, shoulders and left shoulder blade. I have THE WORST memory and brain fog ever!! I have constipation of up to about 3 weeks at a time regardless of what do/take to help this. My speech seems to be slightly affected, I get quite tongue tied and can’t get words out properly sometimes. I am severely tired all the time but cannot sleep due to not being able to get comfortable or just pure pain keeping me awake. And last but not least pins and needles and tingling sensations in hands, feet, legs, arms insides of my elbows and sometimes even my face which is also kind of like a pain in my face.
I really hope I haven’t bored whoever takes the time to read this too much and there’s someone out there willing to give me their opinion on this and hopefully happy to help me through this little rough patch in my life. Thank you in advance and thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Love, Kayleigh x

Hi Kayleigh,

You’ve got a lot of symptoms that maybe MS but maybe not. The only way to confirm either way is to have an MRI and lumber puncture - taking fluid from your spinal column. Hope you get an appointment with a neurologist soon.

Look after yourself.

Hello Kayleigh

I was just about to answer you with virtually the same words as Jen has used.

It’s impossible to tell you X or Y is /could be /probably is due to MS. Many of our symptoms could also be due to other diagnoses. Plus, we all differ from one another, so my first symptom (which btw was nothing more dramatic than a numb finger) bears no relation to yours.

All I can suggest with regard to finding out about MS is to look at the About MS tab on this site: or here: MS symptoms and relapses | MS Trust

Best of luck