Cameron and Clegg.......joke.

Cameron and Clegg were sitting together on a plane looking out at the views below. Cameron mused, ‘I could throw a £1000 note out of the window and make somebody happy’. Clegg replied, ‘I could throw ten £100 notes out of the window and make ten people happy’. The pilot was listening said to his co pilot in a low voice. ‘What planet are they on? I could throw them both out of the window and make 30 million people happy’.

Good one spud, are you the pilot?? Janet X

nice one pmsl!!!


Gosh, and there was me thinking that Camoron and Clegg WERE the joke …

But no-one is laughing.

Nice one spud.


A good `un that!


Ha ha ha, actually he would probably make a few of the world’s leaders happy too!


Ha ha ha