Calling all young people with MS

Hi to all young people with MS. I am a volunteer with my local MS Society group, we have been given a large donation of money from a group who had us as their charity of the year. They would like to be kept appraised of how we spend it and they would specifically like us to spend it on young people with MS.

We have tried reaching out at our annual information evening and also through our bi-monthly newsletter, but so far we have come up with NO IDEAS as to how to help younger people in our area.

So if you have any idea’s on how we could possibly help people like yourselves, then please do get in touch. All suggestions would be gratefully received!

How about getting the youngsters in your area to organise a gig. I’m sure some band or celebrity would do it for nothing or cheaply. The money raised through ticket sales would go towards another one.

The other is giving the money to me. It will not do the young any good but I would make sure I enjoyed it?


maybe the local gp’s could help by putting up a notice.

the ms nurses too.

if we had gigs for young people with ms in my area, i’d be jealous.

i may be old but i still rock!

good luck spending the money.

carole x

I agree with the gig idea I think young people and people my age (27) would love it!!

Here is a guide to arranging a gig;


I don’t know any youngsters with MS, but if I wanted to make contact I would try

They might be a good group to try. They might suggest things like supporting the creation of more videos to explain to young people about MS and how to deal with stuff.

Good luck


Why use it all up in a one night wonder ,why not organise regular meetings and awareness among young people along with

Those who are quick to the doc when weird stuff happens in thier body’s there are those who ignore and carry on when things

Are not right I was one off those ,I don’t know maby I was better off without th meds maby I paid for not going to gp with pain

I now wish I had gone earlier .certainly there is more awareness nowadays.

Shame to see money disappeare when it could possibly could be used long term .