Calling all long term rebif users!

This may sound a little strange but…

Does anyone else on rebif feel that when they get a viral infection - you just can’t get rid of it?

The reason i ask is that i had a nasty viral infection a while ago and i still feel ill with it.

I have seen my neuro twice now and he says i just need some pain relief and has fobbed me off.

I feel the rebif is somehow holding the viral infection in my body.

I have been on rebif 8 years and never had any trouble before but this was a particularily nasty virus.

I dont want to come off the rebif for a break as i have done really well on it and the neuro would not advise this but i am struggling at the moment.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

best wishes


Hi Whilst on rebif I got a particularly bad viral infection that just wouldn’t shift. It was bad enough to hospitalise me. I was treated and taken off rebif for a DMDs break then started on copaxone. I don’t know what caused the infection but thankfully all is now well. I hope recovery is swift. Neil

Thanks Neil for your reply. Much appreciated.