Calling all iPad Experts - Help Needed

Help! I was trying -unsuccessfully - to transfer some CDs from PC to iPad and have now lost sound on the iPad when I press keys, send/receive mail etc. I can still listen to music on iTunes. I believe the problem is something to do with the iPad still thinking it’s connected to the PC via the USB cable? Can anyone help? Thanks, Heather

when you were contacted to the PC did you “eject” it properly. ie - in My Computer go to the device, right click and select eject? If not I would connect it again and do that.

The other option (although you said you are getting some sound) is on the side of the ipad there is a small switch that goes up and down - try flipping that to the other way to what it is?

other than that - I cant help I am afraid. good luck x

All sorted. It WAS to do with the side switch. I must’ve knocked it when I was trying to get the USB cable in. Still pulling my hair out over getting CDs from PC to iPad. My husband can get it to work from his laptop, but the desktop isn’t having any of it. A job for another day, me thinks

Cant you use itunes on the pc to save from cd, then sync the songs to the ipad?

…or you may need to activate itunes with your account on your pc

I’ve been using iTunes to transfer, but although my husband can transfer OK from his laptop to the iPad, the desktop seems to sync but doesn’t transfer anything. It’s as though it thinks nothing has been selected for transfer. There’s probably a box I’m not ticking somewhere.

…is his laptop a mac? I did some searching and found it is a known issue. Your best bet is to update itunes drivers.

It seems to be a UK windows 7 64bit issue with lots of people struggling with it.

The problem turned out to be due to us using different iTunes accounts and the iPad can only be connected to one. It’s now configured so that the PC and iPad are using the same iTunes account. iTunes on the laptop is set to my husband’s account. I’m afraid I lose patience with this tech stuff.