Any tech experts out there?

Im starting to feel slightly sick when I’ve used my iPad for about ten minutes. This used to happen years ago when I used my PC too much. I was advised to change the speed of something on the monitor but I can’t remember what the advise was and I don’t think the same would be applicable for an iPad.

Any suggestions?


I’m the furthest thing from an expert, but my first thought was to turn down the brightness on your iPad. That ‘might’ help. Or try mucking about with the settings? Maybe changing the font size (both in Display & Brightness), or look in Control Centre - see if anything makes it easier?


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Thanks Sue, I’ll try tomorrow when I’m feeling less queasy

Jan x

I use blue light blocking reading glasses to help my eyes on the PC and tv.

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I’ve noticed my vision has worsened recently so I’ll see about an eye test also look into getting blue light blocking glasses. Thanks Jaydee

Jan x

Changed my settings Sue, Watch this space…

Jan x

I get this myself no matter which kind of device I’m using. In which case, might I suggest that this is not a teccie issue but everything to do with MS and eye movements ? If you’ve got an MS Nurse or seeing a Neurologist at all then my opinion is to report it as a symptom and see if there’s any help available.
Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

PS I meant to say that I’m no more technically proficient than a 10 yr old :sweat_smile: