Caesaeran or natural birth... and increased disability with either?

Hi, 3 years ago I give birth to a beautiful and much wanted baby daughter following a horrendous 17 hour labour and an emergency caesarean… I have marked increase in disability since and often wonder should I have had an elective c-section?

Hi - can’t comment about the C Section side as never had one, but between son #1 and #2, my disability increased. I had a horrendous 1st labour ending in forceps delivery so wasn’t keen to repeat as I was exhausted. I discussed my options with neurologist/Obstetrician/anaesthetist/midwife and MS nurse and decided that the best option for me would be to try for a natural birth.

I used gas n air and water which helped support my body. Once I got tired I lay down on bed but an hour later was ready to push. As a rule, second babies tend to come more quickly as your body is a bit more practised at labour.

Midwife was aware of my extreme fatigue and Obs Consultant said that if I began to reach the point of not coping that they would give me an epidural and I could either lay on the bed and rest while contracting away but might need another forceps delivery OR go for caesarian if I struggling physically.

The most important thing was that I had explored all the options with the appropriate health professionals and had a good birth plan with all eventualities covered. Have to say the water was great and supported my body. There is a lot of information about find online. Think the best thing to do is to know your body, what it is happy and not happy doing. If you feel that you’d like another crack at natural birth then discuss that with the option of going for C Section if its not working for you. Or if the prospect of another go at labour and pushing stresses you out then voice your concerns and request an elective C Section (much calmer experience than an ECS I’m told )

Sorry that probably doesn’t answer your question but Labour and MS are both so individual… think knowledge is power so would say speak to Neuro and Obstetric teams and find some workable options for YOU xxx

Hi Rose117

I have had two c-sections the second being elective. I decided to have an elective one as even although I did not have a dx at the time I had a CIS and noticed before pregnancy that my symptoms were getting worse again and was getting tired very quickly so thought how would I cope with labour? After the second one I only had the usual problems, sore, stiff etc but nothing else. I agree with above speak to your neuro, ms nurse and midwife to see what is best for you. I have to say I do not regret having a c-section.

Good luck


Hi, I had a natural birth first time and had a really bad experience which I won’t go into. Second was an elective c- section and was a much better experience and I recovered quicker. I was not dx at the time of either and my youngest is now 9. I agree that knowledge is power, ask those best placed to help you and best of luck with the new arrival. Oh and I get really mad at the too posh to push brigade, you must do whats best for your body! Chis

The latest research suggests that having a child at all after diagnosis slows down the progression of MS. The study I looked at said that it was, on average, 12 years from diagnosis to needing a wheelchair for women who did not glive birth after diagnosis and 18 years to needing a wheelchair for those who did give birth after diagnosis. Obviously this doesn’t answer your question directly, but it may be that you would have had something similar (or worse) to the deterioration you saw, in different circumstances and that it wasn’t anything to do with the birth.

I have had two natural births since diagnosis and saw a sharp deterioration in my health when my second child was three. When I asked a neuro why I was suddenly getting worse, he said ‘maybe your disease has entered a new phase’. Neither of us linked it to having children.

Thats really interesting - my youngest will be 3 in June and my health has taken a complete nose dive. I had #1 pre MS and developed first noticeable symptoms when he was 1 yr old. My health was at its best during preg with #2 and up until I stopped feeding him.