Buying a home on benifit’s


Do you know if it’s possible to get a mortgage on benifit’s?

I already own my small home but it has stairs.

Yes i have some savings too.

Need an easy access property i’ve had confirmed ms now 9 years.


There’s no flat NO which would be prejudicial but you’ll be subjected to the same affordability criteria as anyone else, but with only benefits for income, things will be tight. You will be helped by the fact that you are already a homeowner but if borrowing more money, you’ll need to be able to prove you have the means to pay it back.

Well… my flats a split level flat that is a is bit future MS unfriendly.

Don’t fancy getting a wheelchair (not there yet) down 3 stairs along a bit then up one step , turn, up and in front door, turn sharp again then up a further 7 stairs to my flat.

Hate stairs!

Least I kept my banisters both sides of my staircase , lucky i never took them off years and years ago!

I know i’m going to have to contact a mortgage provider. Then definitely have to take loads of my letters and bank statements to prove i could repay.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has done this daunting task.


I would say it would be unlikely, but not totally impossible. It would probably come down to the amount of equity you have in your current home.

If you own it outright without a mortgage that puts you in a much better position than if you have a mortgage and are looking to borrow more.

If you were able to sell your current property and buy somewhere else outright or much cheaper so requiring a smaller mortgage, that would probably be the best option, but it may mean moving out of area or to somewhere you hadn’t previously considered. Your best bet is to speak to a mortgage advisor, most estate agents have access to one.

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Exploring mortgage options on benefits is doable. Connecting with a mortgage advisor could provide insights tailored to your situation.

Im talking to a mortgage adviser next week will be trying to get a little mortgage against my benefits as my husband will be retired before we would have paid off the mortgage so ill give a post when i can

I totally get where you’re coming from. When my mom needed an accessible home due to mobility issues, we explored mortgage options and found some lenders willing to work with us. Having savings definitely helps, and there are programs out there for accessibility modifications. Property is a good investment; I’m thinking about it myself. My friends advised me to check out Address Residences Zabeel. Hang in there, and wishing you luck in finding the perfect place!