Busy day = a Bad night?

I had a busy sort of day yesterday, tidying up and doing stuff after xmas even though it was quiet and tried to walk a bit more so the dog had a bit more time out in the garden. I felt ok and spent most of the day resting in the afternoon.

I had a terrible night. I woke up several times with burning urine (although the urinalysis stick) said no infection, I felt odd weird and like I had woken up from a really bad nightmare. It was so unsettling. 3 times i woke up like this. In the end i was awake at 3am and was wide awake.

When i woke in the night i was panicking i felt so ill but cant put my finger on it. Just weird. I kept thinking who would I ring, i just needed comforting, someone to assure me it was all ok. I was then worried what would i do if i had to go into hospital, what if no one could get hold of my family, who would look after the dog, my mind was a mess.

its several times now i have woken up like this. I dont like it, it scares me. even writing it down makes no sense.

My legs were on fire, I seem ok at the moment no temperature. Maybe it is down to over doing it does it mean I just cant do much anymore? the night before i slept really well.

Its all so vague. Maybe I am going nuts lol.

anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR. xxxx

I have nights like this at times its awful.Happy new year to you!!

Hi CC,

You are not going nuts at all, it can be so easy to let the brain run riot after busy time. My only suggestion would be to try to do the heavy duty relaxation and breathing stuff. Long, deep and slow, reduce the amount of things you are doing to try and reduce the number of things you are thinking about. When this does not work for me, I retreat into my memory bank of fantastic places I have seen. So I distract myself with some good stuff.

All the best


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