Bus Driver


I am currently in “Limboland”, I’ve been told it’s transverse myelitis, but most likely MS. Got a couple more weeks to find out results from LP, already had leisions on spine and in brain identified in MRI.

I would like to know if there any community members that are currently still working as bus drivers so that I can find out what hoops I may be expected to jump through! I hope to be able to continue, but I fear it may be an uphill struggle fighting with DVLA as well as my employer.

Any help will be much appreciated.



hiya ann

i would have thought that TM as it is a neurological condition the u need to inform them?

drivers need to be in peak condition for their own sake and also passengers and u prob have no chance of keeping ur bus licence-car one reviewed every 3/5 years.

am sorry to be blunt but as a driver you have huge responsibilities to yourself and other road users.



Your consultant should advise you. DVLA took my ability to drive a minibus and anything over 3.5 tonne away automatically. However, I could have applied to get a yearly licence for these, but as I’ve never driven a minibus in nearly 30 years of driving and only a couple of times driven a 7.5 ton horse box I didn’t bother. Only your consultant and if applicable a specialist assessment can tell if you are still fit to drive. No one on here can tell you one way or other, you also have to be sure in yourself and you must tell dvla and your insurance as ms is a notifable illness.