Burning sensation in my leg

Hi all,

I was diagnosed back in 2013 and thankfully not had many symptoms. I take plegridy injections fortnightly in my legs. Due to take it tonight. Today, all day, I’ve had what can only be described as a burning sensation in my right leg above the knee. It’s very painful and constant. Almost feels numb but can bare weight. Any suggestions if this is a symptom?

I’ve emailed my nurse but she’s on annual leave until Monday


could it be an injection site reaction?

my feet always feel on fire so i sympathise.

I’ve been taking the injections for about 1 year now and never happened before. Also last injection was a fortnight ago? Very strange.

Hi it sounds like a new symptom to me, I would give your ms nurse a ring on Monday and ask her advice and whether she can arrange some pain relief for you. I’m also on Plegridy just on 6th week, so far so good. Good luck and let us know what it said. Ann

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I have PPMS and sometimes i feel like my body is on FIRE. My legs burning and my back feels like i have a heat pad on. It makes me feel awful. I spoke to my neuro about this, he said it was my MS in overdrive and he could put me on meds to help cope with the pain. it is pain. Its worse then sunburn. it doesn’t hurt to touch and my legs don’t feel hot. I take my temp to see if i am having a temperature but every time it’s usually it normal self which for me is 36.7. Its bizarre I HATE IT. It is always made worse if the atmosphere is warm. I feel for you i really do. but you can get amytriptyline or similar to help.

I agree with smokey i would ring your MS nurse on monday. You could also have an infection somewhere.

Ive been having hot knee symptoms for a while now and feels hot to touch too. Can weight bear on it, its just hot an painful. I take Baclofen but doesn’t relieve it, help

Hey Anon

i have RRMS diagnosed 2010. When I get relapses they are sensory relapses. I have had a burning patch on my left thigh since 10th May. I don’t inject. It is painful but I don’t take any meds for it - maybe I should??? My neurologist is sending me for an MRI to try to see what’s going on


Min xx

It’s always worth talking to your MS nurse. Every time I move my legs the fires of hell beat down on them. When I’m still they go cold. I know it’s the inflamed nerve endings and part of my condition. I know it is just a thing so I don’t let it worry me. It doesn’t stop me.

Best wishes.