Burning Hand

Can anybody help me. I have progressive MS and recently I had an episode down my whole right side of my body. The pins and needles were terrible but upping my pain relief pills helped. However I have now lost a lot of power in my right arm and hand. The fingers dont work very well but its the burning sensation which is driving me mad. I was given cream which helps for a while but it comes back. Any advice

I was prescribed amytryptiline for the burning sensation, to calm the nervous system down. However one side effect I didnt realise - weight gain. I think the solution is better than worrying about wobbling all over the place though.

Its the sensory nerves which are making you burn, it can happen anywhere. Also you can get a trickling sort of sensation anywhere, I often think Ive wet myself when in fact its the nerves telling me a lie.

Take care, hope all soon resolves.



You need to change the sensory input into your hand as this sounds like neuropathic pain. Holding a bag of ice,or peas for one of the five a day,running it under cold water etc may help a bit for a bit.

Good luck.