BUPA neurologist recommendation

Hello all,

I have BUPA health insurance and I have never used it in the past but since I had my optic neuritis recently in October I thought I would utilise it for at least some quicker access to a neurologist. Does anyone have any recommendations for a neurologist in the UK, ideally in the London/Surrey area. Many thanks

iirc you need to contact BUPA first and they will either assign one or give you a list of consultants to contact. The first question a private Doc will ask is “what’s your claim number?”

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Thanks. I have contacted Bupa and they have given me a list but also said there may be others that I want to contact from anyone who is Bupa approved. I guess I just wanted to get an idea from anyone’s experience of who may be worth contacting.

You want someone with an NHS list to whom you can transfer in due course. A bit of cross-referencing between your BUPA list and the clinical who’s who in your local NHS hospital’s neurology department’s website should help. Your GP should know the local scene and may also be a useful source of info.

BUPA we’re pretty good 3 years ago getting me referred to a neurologist and paying for 2 lots of scans, but then I e as back on NHS for a lumber puncture and on going consultations. When I came to renew my BUPA policy this month they had cranked up premium by 25% and now ‘routinely’ exclude anything to do with MS except for initial diagnosis, I feel a bit cheated as my membership predated my diagnosis by many years and now I have no cover for a flare up related symptoms. Am considering transferring to another provider as their exclusion of MS as an existing condition is no worse than BUPA’s And premiums are50% less !
Anyone else come across the BUPA change?