Bruised Eyeball Feeling

The last few days my left eyeball feels bruised or something... its ok if my eye is closed or I look straight ahead but when I look any direction it feels like Ive been punched in the eyeball!!

Anyone else got anything like this?  Is this MS symptom or just tiredness... (I had plenty enough sleep last night... i am a little tired but nothing more than the norm)

Is your sight OK?  I get that feeling when I'm majorly tired, but also when ON rears it's ugly head.

Luisa x

My left eye has felt like it has had shampoo or something in it stinging it for several days round the side and back - your bruised description sounds very similar indeed. Mine has come to nothing awful...yet anyway. I really hope yours doesn't either!

lals... my sight feels ok at the moment, but it is the eye that gets a bit funny sometimes... when im tired or out mostly... i have to blink lots cause it goes a bit blurry and funny!  Mentioned that to nurse who said sounds like optic nerve... so sounds like this might be part of the package then!!

Welcome to the lovely world of bruised eyeballs!

I haven't found a descent description of it that other people could understand - bruised eyeball describes it perfectly!

Thanks for that, and I hope you never experience it again!  I find trying to be amusing in the way I describe my symptoms to people who don't experince them helps.  It's less scary for them, and it helps me keep my spirits up on a good day which knocks onto a bad day.  It even works sometimes!   lol

Lol... yeah the amusing ways are the best... i think because people try to imagine it more if its funny lol

Its probably Optic Neuritis; see a doctor not an Optician.



Does your 'bruised eyeball' see slightly different colours to the other one? If you cover one eye up then the other reading this for example does it change?

Not noticably really.  i have in the past noticed a slightl duller look to things, but for the most part things look predominantly the same (other than when it goes slightly blurry.)