weird eye symptoms

I started having strange eye symptoms a few yrs ago, initially every 3-4 months but now happening several times a day.

I feel as though someone has punched me in my left eye and as well as the pain, my vision goes blurry, but it only ever lasts a few minutes.

It is another 5 weeks before I get to see a neurologist so just wondering if any of you have had similar problems :confused:

Where is the pain? Does the blur come and go? L x

Hi Dora,

Ive had pain in the socket, where if I press or even touch my eye, or even move my eye around, it hurts like hell. Its almost like the pressure of the eyeball builds up. Like you, I have blurry / greyish vision in one eye, which seems to fluctuate. But I also have Nystagmis, where my eyes wonโ€™t keep still. They dart side to side - worse when Im trying to read - all the words jump around like an optical illusion. Ive had this for 15 years, and put it down to reading too much, and tiredness as I studied alot.

Im considering seeing a normal eye specialist soon, who could put me in touch with a neuro-ophthalmologist if problems are obvious. If I remember correctly, I read that one of the most typical problem with Msers is that the optic nerve at the back of the eye -( the nerve that send messages from your brain to your eye) can become inflamed (optic neuritis), and this can cause a myraid of problems. People are prescribed steroids for this, which can reduce the inflamation , and can improve your eyes a great deal.

It all depends on the problems you have. For my nystagmis, im on Gabapentin, which calms it down, but I still get flare ups. Other problems people can get are double vision.

Its really best to get some eye tests done, and go down that route. If you are really worried and concerned, see your GP. I beleive they can refer you straight to the correct eye specialist according to your symptoms. I would do it soon, because once youre on the right meds, the problem may ease off. Im seeing a Neuro in the next few months, and Ive not yet been diagnosed. But Im still going ahead and getting my eyes seen too (before I see the Neuro), so that Ive got more to tell him when I see him. Alot of people see the eye specialist first, because the first symptoms of MS that people experience are often the eye problems.

Good luck

Almond xx

The pain is all around the eye socket, not like sinus pain which I have had in the past & is limited to the nose area, very hard to describe

Almond, I too get nystagmus which ENT say is down to a problem with my VIII cranial nerve, I am waiting to see neuro which has been an uphill struggle because my GP seems to think I am winging about nothing :frowning:

Hi I had quite thorough eye tests at local optician after GP referral for stinging/stabbing episodes to back of left eye, floaters, blurring, white flashes. They checked everything including detailed imaging of the optic nerve which was not inflamed, said it was dry eyes and facial nerves pain affecting it? (I have lot of facial pain too). I can get episodes up to 20 times daily, floaters blurry if I turn head or eyes, last about 30secs. I would speak to GP, get eye check, as almond says admittance for IV steroids can be treatment for this. Itโ€™s called a PAIRS referral to optician on NHS. Best of luck Ally x