Broke my personal best today!

Had my annual MRI today (three years late), my 14th all told, and I broke a long standing record from my first time. I spent 84 minutes non stop in the machine, smashing my prior record of 49 minutes. I was just wondering if that time could get me into some kind of olympic style team, or is it par for the course for others. Normally they last 25 mins or thereabouts in the past.

Wow! If the average song is 3.5 minutes, you listened to 2 whole albums!!! That is a heck of a long time to lay still. I actually found it painful in my neck and back after 40 minutes and my fingers went numb.

Well done! I think at least a gold star for you! :star:

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Seems I’ve gone full on “In A Gadda Da Vida” today (sticking with the music analogy). Woohoo

Blimey. Well, whatever there is to be found in there, they will surely have found it. I can only say that nothing in my bonce has ever detained them so long, but maybe that’s not a great surprise…

In fairness, I have syringomyelia (tethered spinal cord/cysts on spine) and chiari on top of the sclera, so have to have that checked on as well. However, normally the brain and cervical spine scans take just over 30 mins, was weird to be in so long.

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Well Swanjackal, I sometimes have a ‘brain and full spine with contrast’ which takes about an hour. I thought that was longwinded, but 84 minutes certainly takes the prize. A couple of times now I’ve fallen asleep (in all that noise!). I remember how anxious I used to be during my earliest scans, so guess I’ve just become used to it.


I had one in December to verify a relapse, and since they did the whole brain and spine with & without it took so long I darn near peed myself. If it had dragged out any longer, I would have been screaming.

You definitely deserve a whole slew of gold stars!