Breathlessness and burning sensations

Hi everyone. The sunshines out today, take full advantage as it prob won’t last long! LOL I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on sometimes that’s been happening to me for a few months now but it seems to be being more a s truffle to cope with. It’s a problem that happens when I do things like vacume or walk up stairs etc. for example , half way up the stairs at home or at work I’ve been having to stop and take a break as I just can’t breath! It takes me a good few minutes to recover and yesterday at work I actually thought I was going to pass out. I stopped half way up to catch my breath and my legs started to wobble a little and they felt really hot, like a burning sensation with mild pins and needles. I’ve also started to have problems if I try and walk fast. The breathlessness I can understand if I walk fast or I’m rushing (we can all get a little out of puff right?) but I was down in London for work one Friday and it just stopped me moving any further and I had to slide down a near by wall onto my bum because my legs just gave up! Luckily Gary was with me (he actually shouted at me at the time as I was late for a shoot!, but he apologised later when he was less stressed) I have mentioned my symptoms to the nuro but, as many if you know, I have a very nasty nuro who basically thinks the " cure" to my symptoms such as loss of sex drive are to force myself to have sex or Gary will just go and have an affair ( reporting him the swine) Has anyone else experienced this? Why does it happen? I’m not over weight, I’m in the healthy range for my height, I’m not asthmatic, I’m 30 years old and considered healthy other than my symptoms. It’s a little embarrassing when others at work sprint past me on the stairs and I’m sliding down the wall half way up the stair case :frowning: Xx

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Hi Emma I think…and I’m no expert !! depends where the lesions are…my latest is in my brain stem and one of the brain stem functions, is to control breathing, so I get very breathless, very easily. Xx

It doesnt happen all the time, but I find walking up our stairs at home, I have to stop sometimes and whne i get to the top im panting.

My wife told me jus to take everything slowly and that I cant do things how I used to, very true, take your time, i find this helps.

Hi Emma

Sorry I can’t help you on this one but just wanted to let you know that you’re not on your own. I was just too embarrassed to mention it because I’ve put weight on since I became ill and although I’m not very big, I’m self conscious as I’ve always been slim up until this. It’s really scary when it happens, and there’s nothing I can do to prevent it other than go slowly and not let my blood sugar drop. I have noticed that it’s not as bad if I eat properly (vicious circle with weight gain).

I’ll be watching this post with interest. I do feel for you and hope you get answers.

Take care

Min xx

Sounds like muscle fatigue to me. Or what I would include in the symptoms of muscle fatigue at least.

Most physical exertion makes me breathless, my muscles weak and at some point I HAVE to stop and rest. Each time I rest, I can do a little more, but each time the interval before resting gets shorter until I can’t do any more.

The trick is trying to rest before you reach that HAVE to rest point. I say trick, but tbh it’s more of a delaying tactic than a cure :frowning:

Karen x

I agree with Karen, it’s definitely muscle fatigue. I am asthmatic but it is very well controlled with inhalers and I never suffer asthma attacks or get breathless doing normal daily activities.

Right now though, I’m relapsing and the physical effort required of walking say 20 metres had me puffing and panting very severely last week. Then I had to collapse into a chair for a while to catch my breath. It’s getting easier now I’ve had my steroids and my legs are freeing up a bit but I do have to remind myself that it takes a while to recover fully so every now and then I try and go a bit too far in one go. I have to walk a bit, rest a bit, go a bit further etc etc. I’ve bought a stick (a huge mental hurdle for me) and it really helps as it gives me a bit of support so I can get that bit further. I know it could take months before my legs are fighting fit again - like you, they tingle and burn whenever I exert them and right now it doesn’t take much. When they recover a bit more I shall get back to yoga as I find that helps a lot.

Tracey x

Thanks for everyone’s replies :slight_smile: Muscle fatigue, so now I have to have this on top of the general everyday fatigue! This may sound like a silly question but, can I strengthen my muscles, say, by going to the gym? I’m learning more about all this as I go so I’m sorry if my questions seem silly or I come across as being a wishful thinker etc. I want to do the best for my body and look after myself, and Gary keeps nagging me to get to the gym again with him. He thinks it will make me feel better but I just have visions of pushing myself for 20 mins on the treadmill and then either going dizzy or having my legs disappear from beneath me! In fact, 20 mins on the treadmill may be slightly over enthusiastic … More like 5 mins :slight_smile: xx

And I would be walking at that! I don’t do running … I wouldn’t get 10 metres!! Xx

The gym is a good idea, but don’t over do it. Listen to your body and don’t forget about stamina as well as strength.

It doesn’t give immediate benefits, but I think it definitely helps longer-term. It has me anyway.

You could ask for a referral to neurophysio - they should be able to work out where your weak bits are and advise how to get everything working better (hopefully).


Thanks :slight_smile: it will hopefully help me drop off to sleep at night as well ( I really struggle to sleep even though I’m tired alot!) Ill ask the doctor at my next appointment about neurophysio . But I’m guessing that without an official diagnosis they wouldn’t refer me just yet? The MRI scan man (radiologist? ) said my results will be with the consultant in 2-3 weeks. Not looking forward to seeing that doctor again after last time. Xx

Hi, use the leg strengthening machines at the gym rather than the treadmill. I went to neuro physio who gave me a range of exercises to do on machines to strengthen legs.She indiacated that this was better than treadmill which is more likely to exhaust you as cardio is introduced here too. Yoga is really good to stengthen, stretch and for balance too. I am a believer that if you don’t use it then you loose it!

Moyna x

That makes sense to use the lef press machine. Ill give that a try. I have been wanting to try yoga for quite a while, I guess I feel embarrassed about things right now which is ridiculous! I would never look at another person who was struggling and see them as weak …l yet that’s how I’ve been seeing myself more and more a lately :-/ My balance is not the best, so anything to help that would be a bonus! I fall to the left (not sure if that has any relevance!) some days I feel kind of drunk which is weird as I honestly very rarely drink, maybe two / three times a year max! Some great ideas to try out though so thank you all so much for the suggestions. It gives me a little hope that I can improve some of my symptoms without the use of medication. Now to wait for my results of the MRI to come back. It’s worry at every step at the moment. Xx

I was never referred to a physio even after a disabling relapse but I discovered yoga for myself. Luckily everyone else is too busy trying to hold their own poses to look at me wobbling around! I find it helps my aching muscles and eventually my poor balance. I also practice the basic warm up stretches at home whenever my legs are stiff and achy. My yoga class is very gentle as quite a few of the class are older than me (and in better shape ) so it is manageable.

Tracey x