breath test

Hi all, now you may think the title of my post refers to drink driving......but no!

reading a reply Rizzo gave toTonka on `newley diagnosed forum`, she mentioned a new breath test to diagnose MS. Fascinating indeed!

So, I googled the topic. There was quite a bit of info. I`ll mention it to my MS nurse, when I see her in April. I don`t expect much in response from her.

Anyone else heard about this and mentioned it to the medics?

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Hiya Poll,


I expect they will soon be able to tell us whats in our diet too.  I hope they soon invent a test to prove someone is in pain and at what threshhold because pain is unseen and the sooner its recognised the better.


Would be a lot easier for those undiagnosed to get a diagnosis faster hopefully.  Now I simply must stop eating garlic and onions!


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dya think itll come our way…ever?

luv Pollx

This thread is the scond hit on google if you type "MS Breath test" :)

Aren't there some dogs who are supposed to smell cancer in people...........................Anybody ever have a dog go a bit........................?



Hi Wb, cheers for your reply. I have also heard there are dogs who can warn owners of an epileptic seizure coming on too. marvelous!

Our little poodle, Lucy, knows when I need hubby, if hes in the garage or garden. I just say stuck!` and she barks in a way he knows i need him! Bless her, eh?

luv Pollx