Breast cancer MRI

I’ve not been here for a long time but after getting a breast cancer diagnosis yesterday I find myself needing some advice/support.

I’ve been told the first item on my schedule will be to get an MRI to see if there are any other areas of concern above that found on my mammogram and ultrasound/biopsy

I will have the MRI whilst lying on my stomach and it will take around 45 minutes. My main concern is being on stomach that long and not peeing myself.

Has anyone else been through this and if so how did they cope?

Thanks for any advice you can give.


Very sad to hear your diagnosis, just wanted to say hello ,not had a scan on my tummy before so can’t really help but I suppose you will have to mention to them your concerns and perhaps you could get yourself some of those Tena lady pants very good I hear.

Hope all goes well for you and take care .Katy

So sorry to hear your news Jacqui. I can’t help with advice but wish you luck with your treatment. I had thyroid Ca before I knew about my MS, and I know it’s a difficult journey but try to take each step as it comes, good luck x

Will be thinking of you Jacqui, hope all sorts out, best wishes to you xx