Breaking Point

Hi everyone

Feel at breaking point any help please. Just getting over a major relapse been going on since beginning of March completely knocked me off my feet and ruined a wonderful Caribbean cruise anyway on my return I had a letter to re-apply for DLA now PIP so did that and went a pleaded my case at an interview. That done end of June still awaiting results but now to top it all got to re-apply for Incapacity Benefit now ESA both of which I have been receiving for the last 15 years. Had steroids and MRI but now need to change medication and feel really c**p today with the MS Hug or possibly a heart attack (mustn’t joke had one of those 2 years ago) but I feel I have no support and feel really on my own right now


Hello Sue

You sounds like you’ve been put in front of a firing squad and had all barrels open at once.

If you’ve just had a PIP claim horror, the last thing you want is ESA renewal.

Add benefits to the nightmare that is an MS relapse coupled with steroid side effects and your world must feel like it’s the least comfortable place to be ever.

There’s not much I can say except that I have huge sympathy for you. Obviously, with your benefit claims, my usual advice is to join which you may have already done for PIP. Or to get help from the CAB or other welfare benefits advisors.

I do hope you have a good MS nurse fighting your corner. Or a great neurology team to help you with the change of drugs.

And then there’s always us. We’ll always be here to empathise with you, having been through all of your current trials and tribulations, I do feel for you.

Plus, Sues should always stick up for one another!


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Hey, Sue!

Although I’m new here, I’m learning that you’re never alone on this forum. So sorry that you had a ruined holiday and, what with that plus the benefits’ re-applications, no wonder you’re feeling at your wits’ end.

I so hope that you go into remission soon and start to feel a bit better, and am keeping everything crossed that the new meds help. If you have an MS Nurse, you might also consider contacting her/him.

As someone told me on this forum, feel free to rant as much as you like 'cos you’re amongst like-minded people!

Sending you some hugs (not of the MS variety - lol!.

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