Hi guys!

Boudica`s chariot keeps breaking down.

Last Thursday, whilst on a very important retail therapy trip…to buy my outfit for daughter`s wedding…the motor on my leccy chair packed up.

I was told how to unlock the mechanism by the engineer. it cuts out if you press the start button for longer than 4 seconds. Kept trying the sequence and it wasnt having any!

So, sis had to release the motor part and manually push me! Well, poor sis is slight and weighs tons less than me, but, bless her, she pushed me. Luckliy we were on a level precinct and there was a Shopmobility closeby. She got me to there and the chap had a look and reckoned the battery lead was worn and loose. he fiddled with it and got it going.

The rest of the shops we wanted to vist were all downhill from there. Happily my chariot played nicely and we completed our shop.

The chariot did the same yesterday, when hubby was out and i was Home Alone.

I was dusting the mountain of dust on the fireplace, underneath my birthday cards, when I wanted to move…nowt…chuffin nowt! Oh bummer! I could do chuff all, but wait for hubbys return.

He came in shouting Alloooo, where are you? I called back, Im in here and im chuffin stuck! Oh dear, he said, as he dropped bursting asda bags with the weekly shop and a jacket fo t`wedding.

Then he twiddled, and jiggled and pressed this and that and …nowt!

he managed to drag me and the chair…no mean feat…but he is bigger and stronger than my liccle sis…to my recliner, where I slung up and hoisted into it.

At bedtime he got me onto the commode and pulled me into the bedroom…nowt saucy like! Them days are well gone!

Anyroad, the engineer has just been a diagnosed a faulty battery lead/plug, and failure was caused by all the trudging and trundling. he replaced them and chariot was happy again.

I asked Russell (thengineer) what could I do if I broke down away from home and he said they dont come out…so what would i do, if hubby wasn`t available? Maybe ring Social Services…what if it was a weekend? Oooeerr! Better put their emergency number in me mobile, eh?

luv Pollx

Poll, Oh dear that doesn’t sound good - would social services come out. I don’t know about these things but I can imagine it wouldn’t be an easy feet to get someone to help on a weekend. Let’s hope now it has it’s new lead you won’t be breaking down anytime soon. It is nice to see your entertaining words have returned with your troubles :slight_smile: I hope you don’t have anymore adventures for a while. Barney

Glad you are mobile again Poll! :wink: Linda x

Glad you have it all sorted. I don’t suppose you want to restrict your retail therapy to weekdays do you! Hope it lasts a long while now.

Hope it’s all fixed now Poll x

Hi Poll, I think it might be worth ringing social care and asking them what they would be able to do given a similar situation. I think there maybe little what they could do…however to have that conversation you will know what they suggest and see if there are any emergency services out what you could pull on. I certainly would no wait for it to happen again before ringing them. Yvette x

Hi Poll

Glad you’re sorted and back mobile again. Check your wheelchair insurance, cos mine gives me breakdown cover on the chair.

Pam x

It isnt my own chair…got it from Wheelchair Services. Suppose they are the ones to ask.