Brain zaps

Morning all,

weird question! Does anyone suffer from brain zaps? They are the weirdest feeling and I have had them for the past 24 hours every few seconds. It isn’t painful, but it feels like an electric shock in my brain that almost feels like a tidal wave that makes my vision wobble, my hearing funny and affects my balance. I can’t get anything done with them and certainly can’t even attempt to get in my car. Incidentally, each zap I get causes tingling in my right hand where I already have confirmed numbness. All input would be gratefully received.


mrs b x

i know what you mean when you say brain zaps,i get what i call brain quakes where my brain feels like its shaking,i told my neuro about it and he looked at me as if i was mad. They last about 5 to 10 seconds and stay for a few days and are not nice at all .in fact they scare me to death.Have you been under a lot of stress mine seem to be worse with stress.

J x

Mrs B, Just a thought, and I’m certainly no expert, but could you have an ear problem? As well as MS, I have an ear condition called Meniere’s disease. This causes symptoms quite similar to those you describe, and also, just occasionally, full blown vertigo - with falls.

The symptom overlap does make the two conditions rather difficult to distinguish, so I don’t always know which one is responsible for my dizzy spells, disequilibrium, falls, and momentary hearing loss. Happily, the worst of these symptoms, the falls, are in my case not so very frequent.

As I say, I’m no expert, so I would suggest you talk to your GP or neurologist, or MS nurse, there could be other conditions with similar effects. It’s best to be sure,


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morning Mrs J,

I seriously thought I was having a stroke. I guess xmas itself may have taken its toll, and the stress of that. I noticed that it all started whilst I was having a bath. I was particularly tired and couldn’t bring myself to stand in the shower, but then became very aware of how hot I felt and it started there. I have just woken this morning and it seems to be less noticeable, although I am still shattered. You get to the point where you are scared to mention things to Drs because of their response. I am back at the hospital soon, so will mention it then.

Have a great new year! I think it will be the usual early night for me!

Mrs B xx

Morning Ben,

thanks for your reply. I think anything is possible at the moment and will certainly mention it, maybe at my own peril for looking like a hypochondriac, but it was a terrible ordeal and I looked like I had been drinking heavily lol.

Have a great new year! And thanks so much again for your reply.

Mrs B x

I get stabbing pains similar to being harpooned through the eye to the back of my skull. Mostly on my left side. Always a joy …

I got this as my second relapse. It started off slowly with around 10 a day and developed quickly to around 4 or 5 every hour (quite scarey at the time). The pain was so sharp, which stopped me in my tracks, and I had to hold on to something for a few minutes after gor fear of falling over! While the attack was happening I couldnt control my right side and my speech was affected too, which took longer to recover (around 5 -10 mins) quite painful albeit for a short time. They were like mini seizures. I dont think its a very common symptom hence me being kept in hospital for 2 weeks while they investigated. But 3 months prior to this I’d had my 1st symptom of double vision and the suggestion it could be MS (lesions on shown on MRI). I had a 2nd mri in 3 months which showed new active lesions and my got my RRMS diagnosis. I had iv steroids and also prescribed gabapentin (I think- it was such a long time ago now). I also had physio while in hospital as my had eye coordination was lost for a short while too. I was told not to drive at the time, for obvious reasons. That was 11 years ago. I havent had a repeat of all the symptoms that were obviously quite debilatating at the time but I do still, every now and then get the stabbing pains which I now think is when my myelin is under attack. I would contact your neuro/ms nurse or e en take yourself to a & e as you may get your treat m ent quicker over the long back holiday. Let me know how you get on. Sharon xxx

i must admit I get that regularly too. Had it all last week and then again yesterday. It’s awful so u have every sympathy with you

thanks for your post. I must admit the fear of falling when it happened was quite intense and such a stance experience. It’s a comfort to know i am not going mad, but equally sorry that you are having to suffer this too xx

mrs b

Thanks Mrs B, I’m long over that relapse and as someone else has mentioned I think stress does bring the head zapping pain back. As for the other side effects they stabalused and recovered within 3 minths after IV steroids. Good luck with how you decide to follow it up x

I think stress has been a major factor over the last couple of months and definitely put myself in situations that have caused stress which have brought about a lot of symptoms since about November. I definitely need to take a step back, I now know that. Just hope my appointment comes through quickly. X

i started doing a deep relaxation exercise its called guided imagery on you tube by Martin Rossman he has the most relaxing voice it helps me cope with stress much better i do it every day when i am very stressed its helped me more than anything,i feel so calm after it.

J x