Brain MRI

Well been for my spine MRI Today gotta wait 2 weeks for Neuro But got a copy of brain MRI. Says Inflammatory lesion left midbrain. Also evidence of other perivenentricular white matter lesions,some with gadlinium enhancement and some with low signal on T1 What that means haven’t a clue but sounds fancy ! Any ideas ? Thanks

It’s saying that you have a lesion at the top of your brain stem on the left hand side (an area of the brain that is important for vision and hearing) as well as some lesions next to the “lakes” of cerebrospinal fluid in the middle of your brain (these are called the lateral ventricles). Some of these lesions are active at the moment, looking bright white on the scans done after they they did the gadolinium injection, mid way through your scans. This means that they are actively inflamed and causing symptoms. “Low signal on T1” means that some of these periventricular lesions have caused permanent damage to that area; cells there have died. These low signal areas are sometimes called “black holes”.

All of the above are common in MS.

What it means is that there is evidence that you are having a current attack (the enhancing lesions) and that you have had at least one before (the non-enhancing lesions as well as the black holes, which are usually older lesions). It also means that you have lesions in two of the places that are typical of MS: infratentorial (the lesion in the midbrain) and periventricular. Obviously I could be completely wrong as I am neither a radiologist or a neuro, but based on what I know, your MRI meets the criteria for a diagnosis of MS.

Please don’t be overly alarmed about the black holes. Obviously they aren’t great to have and it’s best to be on meds that slow down any more developing, but the brain is pretty incredible and can cope with a surprising number.

This isn’t the kind of info that I’m ever entirely comfortable telling someone because I’m never quite sure how much they wanted to know so I’m really sorry if it’s not what you wanted to hear :frowning:

Karen x

Thanks Karen It’s fine kinda expecting it , just can’t think when I had one before, certainly nothing like I’m having right now ! Thanks once again your a star