Lesion/MRI question

Hello, anyone got idea what a “high signal lesion” is. Apparantly I have 3 or 4 of these in FLARE and 6 or 7 in T2. Don’t know if these indicate anything. Anyone had these reported in their MRI reports? Thankyou x

I have copied this extract from the ‘‘sticky’’ at the top of the new diagnosis page called ‘brief beginners guide to brain & MRI’

Different lesions give off different signals too. In general, a white matter MS lesion gives off a high signal in T2 and FLAIR scans, leading to it looking like a “white spot” against the white matter which looks relatively dark in these scan types. T1 is usually rubbish for spotting MS lesions unless the lesion has caused the area to die, or “atrophy”, in which case it is called a “black hole” – because it is a wee black hole on a T1 image. The terms “hyperintensity”, “hyperintense”, “high signal”, etc, all refer to the fact that somewhere is brighter / whiter than it should be. “Hypointensity”, “hypointense area”, etc, refers to somewhere that is darker than it should be. Exactly what relevance these have depends on their size, shape, location and the type of scan though.

HTH maybe have a read through it - might make more sense in context!

Ah i see, thanks Laura x