Brain fog

Can anyone please describe their brain fog, I have weired head feelings when over tired, just wondered if the description Brain fog is correct, back of head feels sort of fuzzy with a cant concentrate feeling, not exactly painful but couldn’t focus on. Anything when I have it, I assume it’s linked to stress as well as arrived back off holiday last night after tiring flight etc.



I think is not so much a feeling in the head but an inability to focus on things you would ordinarily do with little effort. E.g. taking part in a discussion or systematically working through some admin task but just finding it beyond you to make the mental effort when you would normally take it in your stride, like maybe you would feel if you had had too much to drink.

Thanks Mrbobowen

I don’t think mines Brain fog then, could be menopause I guess as I had so many symptoms with it , or maybe another Ms symptom, I’ll have to think up another description for it.


I agree with you totally. It is so frustrating. No one understands. My consultant won’t make diagnosis after 10 months.

My Brain Fog - feels like I have raging Jet Lag / have pulled an all-nighter. Light headed, like I’m just about to fall asleep (whilst being awake) like my head has been stuffed with cotton wool, like hearing stuff through water, thoughts feel/sound like they’re in slow motion, a bit dizzy/woozy as well.

TheresaB that is a very good explanation. The cotton wool feeling is exactly how it is.