Sensory overload, advice welcome

Hi All

Am currently and have been suffering for a few months now, with what my ms nurse says ‘sensory overload’.

I am waiting to have another mri and for appointments with an OT and Physio.

While most of the problems I have dont bother me, I am getting very frustrated with my ‘foggy head’. My head hurts with having to concentrate on so much on everything.

I do try and pace myself ( have no choice really) and I do sleep, or nap, quite often. Just to give my head a rest, because it needs it.

I suppose what I am asking for is the impossible. But, does anybody have any ideas or anything that can help my head feel more clearer. Fed up and so tired with feeling like I am constantly drugged up and cant think clear or focus on all thats going on around me.


Teri x

Hi Teri, Sorry to hear about your ‘brain-fog’ issues. I felt very similar for the first 6 months of this year after my second major relapse last December. I empathise and sympathise enormously - my first few weeks of starting to feel a bit better were tainted by a real terror that I might be plunged back in to the fatigue tar-pit at any second! I was really beginning to think that my life as any sort of useful or contributing individual was over. Now, explaining why things began to improve is not something I can explain satisfactorily, even to myself. I started on Copaxone in March of this year - it initially caused really profound nausea and I still get little red, itchy, angry welts at my injection sites the day after the injection there, BUT that soul-destroying, mind-numbing exhaustion has gone. Around the same times as my fatigue improved I started using a natural progesterone cream - my GP had tested my levels and they were normal but I was convinced there was some hormone component to some of my symptoms, especially the night sweats which started around the end of May/beginning of June. Regardless of room temperature, what or how much I’d had to eat or drink that evening etc etc, I’d wake up at about 3am absolutely drenched. Head to toe. I’d try herbal menopause type remedies (I’m only 35) but nothing helped until I tried the progesterone cream. That was mid-July. The night sweats started again a few nights ago, hopefully transiently this time but the brain fog is still at bay. Still using the cream. As a drug option I’d recommend modafinil. How useful it will be depends on the pathology underlying your fatigue issues - it worked for me for 1 glorious week but not anymore, but some people end up taking it for years and it continues to help. Amantadine didn’t do anything for me. I also found aspirin to be quite helpful although this is quite a controversial subject. My MS nurse was horrified that I’d take 600mg twice a day, but on those days I’d genuinely feel a bit better. And Berocca or Berocca Boost (other effervescent vitamin drinks are available…) are a very benign thing to try. Best of luck x