Brachial neuritis

Has anyone had brachial neuritis, linked to their MS? Suffering big time with very specific nerve pain in both arms which my GP thinks could be BN. Just wondered if anyone else had ever heard of this/had it.



Hi Sarah, sorry I can’t help…just bumping you up so that your question won’t be overlooked

Rosina x

I haven’t but have had shooting pain in one of my facial nerves. When I read up about it, it sounded like de-mylenation could cause nerve pain anywhere. There are drugs specifically for nerve pain ( normal pain killers won’t touch it). Mine wasn’t bad enough to need any and has gone now.

Thanks for the bump and facial nerve pain reply (I already have this and take meds for it - trigeminal neuralgia). Brachial neuritis originates from the brachial plexus nerve branch which starts in the cervical spine - I know I have lesions there, but it’s brachial neuritis isn’t usually linked with MS. Hey ho - guess I’ll just have to live with it until it dies down.


I hope your gp has give you some medication to help relieve the symptoms?

It could relate to your ms. Is your gp going to discuss it with your neuro?

Take care