bowels and bad legs

My wife suffers with constipation and recently it’s got a lot worse and today her legs aren’t working which got us wondering if the full bowel causes any pressure that could affect the legs,Harvey

Hi Harvey, Problems with bowel and legs quite commonly go together. Rather than one causing the other, I’m afraid it’s quite likely they are both part of the same underlying problem, which is that nerve signals between brain and lower body aren’t getting through properly. This is often to do with a lesion - or perhaps more than one - in the spinal cord. Most people with MS do get some cord lesions, so it’s not abnormal in that sense. Although I realise it probably doesn’t help much to know it’s quite common. Tina

Hi Harvey Constipation is so distressing. Sorry cant comment on the legs constipation link. But I hope your wife is on some treatment for constipation. There are so many out there and it’s important to get the right one. Hugs Min xx

Just wondering how things are now, with your wife`s contsipation/legs.

I have very sluggish bowels…I need bran, fresh figs, prune juice, and a laxido everyday to make me go. Even then, I can still miss 2/3 days. So I take an extra sachet.

My legs dont work…I`ve been a full time wheelie for 10 years!

I dunno about any connection with the 2.

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