Botox anyone?

Im wondering if anyone that has had botox for overactive bladder can share their experience with it. Also, does your bladder still ablet to emtpy on its own? I realise you will more than likely have to ISC , but wondering how often. Im considering this now after 3 bladder medications not working so well now. Quite scared at the prospect of this, so hoping someone can share their experiences with this. Many thanks Heather

Hi I have had Botox 3 times. All 3 times had different outcomes. Isc is essential - why? UTI’s increase if you don’t. It does smart a bit, but if you are worried you can have calming type drugs - sorry can’t recall name of them. However, I now find using isc and Oxybutynin a more effective way of managing bladder. This is not a fool proof system but does give a bit more confidence when out and about. Sometimes the urologist will prescribe anti biotics to prevent uti after Botox. Although I was very worried about the process I felt I should try it as there is no lasting, harmful side effects from it. BL

P.s. After Botox isc 3 times daily. BL

I’m in a similar situation Heaher, I am on 3 meds for bladder - at one time!!! Urologist added a third only this week and I was told that this is the end of my medications - if this doesn’t work it’s botox and probably ISC. I must say I am dreading it and am hoping that meds work. I’ve been trying many different tabs over the last couple of years and each one helped a little - but not enough and my MS is also progressing so it’s a case of one fighting the other and me losing out each time - it’s not easy is it?

I suppose I haven’t answered your question but I understand exactly where you’re coming from.

Best of luck

Marie x

Hi Heather1964, The most important thing you need when you are in your position is a doctor who understands everything you are going through.

I had this procedure a week before christmas and it has turned out very successful. the only thing they forgot to explain was that it can get a lot worse before it gets better. the first week was absolutely terrible and you think it was the wrong thing to do. 24 hours after that you can’t believe the change it makes. You actually get your life back and start thinking of going out again wothout thinking where every toilet is. Yes i have to ISC but that is a small price to pay for your freedom.

Hi all, just an update Ive had the Botox yesterday and already see an Improvement. I can also go to the loo on my own which is something I didnt expect. When I had the cystoscopy though they said the lining of my bladder was very red and inflammed. They werent sure it was an infection or just the way my bladder is as this is the first time they have seen it. They went ahead and did the 20 injections, was really sore but felt great when it was all done. Hopefully it continues. Has anyone else ever been told their bladder was inflammed and could this be due to the MS? Thanks Heather

I’m just waiting for my letter to tell me when I’m going in. They’ve said it will be by general anaesthetic the 1st time so they can have a good look around. After that it will be by a local. I’ll be really interested to hear other people’s stories. I hadn’t realised it would be sore but I suppose it’s obvious it will be.

Sarah x

Hi Heather, I was told I had red patches on my bladder whist having cystoscopy examination. Could have been a consequence of multiple utis and bladder stonesI had at the time, Was supposed to have it monitored over a period but somehow slipped out of the system. Seeing urologist on Monday regarding Botox. One thing that concerns me is the growing resistance to antibiotics as I assume that ISC is likely to inbrease susceptibility to UTIs. Then again, having Botox its not a permanent step so I gyess you can decide not to continue once it wears off.

Sarah, I didnt have a general anaethetic first time. Was good to see the tv as the camera scanned my bladder. It was only sore because my bladder was so inflammed. Im not sure why my bladder is so inflammed, hoping it was just the residual of the last UTI. I think im one of the lucky ones as I dont need to iSC, can go to loo normally after having the Botox. Best thing ever, but will be asking at my next appointment about the inflammation. Guess they will know when they do the next lot of Botox. Mrbobwen, im thinking like you that the red patches and inflammation on the bladder wall are a result of the current infections ive had. Interesting if anyone else has had this on the cystoscopy examination.