books (not ms) Shardlake

New book out 8th October - for any fans, can’t wait, might have to refresh my memory before the release, had it on pre order for seems like months!

i read a couple of these, they were good.

maybe one day when i’m not asleep, i’ll do the series!

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Thanks for the tip, Maude.

The series moves into the Elizabethan era and I look forward to reading it as soon as I can. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the previous books. They are real page turners. The BBC dramatisations also worked very well.

I tried CJ Sansom’s book Dominion, which you may now, and was extremely disappointed. It was clunky, plodding and dull, nothing like the sparkle of the Shardlake series. It put me off trying ‘Winter in Madrid’.

The new book is something to look forward to.


I’m looking forward to my holiday and I can have time to enjoy reading my book x