BoBath Therapy

Hi folks

I was talking to a woman in her 40s last week who had a stroke ago a year leaving her with severe arm weakness. She had normal NHS neuro physio and it did no good. she was told by her neuro that the function in her arm would not return. Anyway she went to Manchester and had extensive bobath physio there am and pm for 3 days and got the use of her arm back. She told me they were fantastic.

I have booked 3 days in December. Bobath therapy has been successful in reducing spasticity.

I have no dx yet but my right leg is shocking. I had another MRI last Wednesday and they said they may call me back for contrast if the radiologist thinks it is nece necessary. I am on tenderhooks as I reckon it is not good if you need contrast as they suspect active lesions. A lesion was there on cord in 2011 and 2012 and gone in June 2013.

Moyna xxx

Good luck Moyna (I’ll be looking Bobath up tonight!)

Please let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Oh, what a shame - it doesn’t sound as pleasantly relaxing as I thought. With the name “Bobath”, I assumed it involved some kind of hydrotherapy, which sounded rather nice. I’m not saying what you will get isn’t nice, but having had a quick read, I gather it’s named after the originators, and nothing to do with baths at all. I was somehow imagining you in a jacuzzi!



Good luck Moya.

i`ll have a google.


Expensive, innit? But hope it helps you Moyna.