Blurry eye

Hello, wonder if anyone can help?! One of my eyes is really blurry. At first I was told it was fatigue but now I am being referred to an eye specialist, opthamologist. I can see through it, I can see far away. I just can’t see much with it close up! I can’t read either with that eye, it’s getting to the point that its easier for me to cover the eye if I want to read! Does anyone know anything about this?? Also what will the specialist do with my eye, well to examine it lol?!?! Thank You in advance,debs xx

Have you tried testing that eye individually with various grades of reading glasses to see to what extent it is correctable if at all with lenses? Probably several causal possibilities and investigative paths but may not help to speculate in advance of visiting the specialist.

Hi Debs

as a part of my ms I seem to frequently get optic neuritis, and am due to see my opthamologist in two weeks time. For me what they do is to dilate the pupils of both eyes, and then they look at both eyes,

You can’t drive after this, and depending on your work, you may need the day off! (Would be great if it was the summer time and hot!)

Hope this helps

Freckles x

By the way, the first time I went to see them, I didn’t know what to expect. My eyes where dilated and when I left the hospital accompanied by my hubby, the bright sunshine burnt my eyes! So be aware!


Sounds like that eye has got long-sighted (far-sighted) and this is easily corrected with a convex lens.
The opthalmologist should soon find out why - but may want to look a bit deeper.

Yes, it could be caused by MS - if it is a problem with the nerves that control the muscles that adjust the focus of the eye.

I’m shortsighted, but one eye is much worse than the other and has been so for longer than I have had MS.


Thanks for the responses. Even though my vision is better with distance it is still blurry. It also gets worse if I do anything remotely energetic. Thanks for warning me about not being able to drive afterwards, I’ll get a friend to take me as the hospital I’m being referred to us probably about 15 miles away. I’m starting to believe its optic neuritis as I was reading about it last night and my symptoms are pretty much the same. One sifference though is that this has been going on a while, the reading I’ve done on this is that it lasts just a few weeks? Although mine has been going on a while now it came on really quick. Thank you for your responses, Debs xx

I’ve never had optic neuritis but I’ve read you also get pain too. Is your eye painful? Since getting MS my eyesight is changing all the time and really quickly too. The latest is 2 days ago I suddenly lost mid range sight in my left eye, eg to use a computer. It is all blurry and I think I now need glasses for that as well as distance and reading. All these different glasses and frequently changing lenses are costing me a fortune! I hope you get sorted soon.

Hi, no, no pain thankfully! I think I’m just going to have to wait for my appointment to come through and see what happens from there xx

As I still can’t see properly today I booked an urgent eye sight appointment with Specsavers, not my usual optician. She couldn’t see any problems with my eyes, including the optical nerve and said that MS can cause changes in eyesight, but she referred me to the hospital for further tests just in case it is something she can’t see. I want expecting that! I just wanted a new prescription, but she said to hang fire until the hospital appointment in case I need steroids which sort my eyesight out. Worried now!

Hopefully your eye will sort itself out and you won’t need steroids. I’m kind of hoping that too! I’m almost convinced that mine is a tiny bit better due to the stress of being referred elsewhere lol. I’m due an eye test this month, no point going while my eye is so bad though lol. I’m sure I had this most of last winter too! It came back when winter hit, sounds strange, I know! I didn’t realise it had gone though lol until it came back. I think I’m kind of getting used to all the weird happenings, nothing is ever normal anymore!! Good luck with your eyes, hopefully they’ll sort themselves. We can hope!!! Lol Debs xx