blurred vision

i ve just been diagnosed with Ms the thing is last year in march my right eye went blurry it came back 90% over the next few months. My blurriness as now started coming back 6weeks ago just 2weeks while watching tv in bed I couldn’t focus ikept seeing circles moving from right to left bottom corner has anyone had this before?

Have you been using the force too much ?

Well yoda has been teaching me lol

How are yer? Sorry, first thing that came to mind. When my eyes went it forced me to do something about it. I could live with numb limbs but the eyes thing gave me killer headaches. Stoopid question - Have you been to the opticians to rule out possibilities ? Normally I see balls of silver etc, but no cicles… take care, Andy

Yeh eye clinic said nothing wrong with eyes just the signalfrom the brain to the eye. Bloody lesions lol . Yeh I’m good apart from the obvious how are you Lee

It sounds like optic neuritis. Do you have an MS nurse you could run it by and maybe get some steroids to speed up recovery?


I’m going to ring her on monday she on leave now cheers sue


Hello Lee. Yeah, I’m cool. Counting down the minutes till home time… following the football on the ipad, which will be the same each week till May… :wink: Hope the eye thing gets better. This site is a fountain of knowledge, some I don’t even want to know ! But you can be yourself, though that isn’t necessarily a good thing in my case. Some times you need to colour over the lines… :smiley:

Hey up Andy couldn’t sleep it’s nice to chat with people going through the same thing it Helps alot

l am following the Biotin for Progressive MS [facebook group] and the trial for Biotin was originally for people with ON. Biotin helps skin/hair/eyes but in the high amount used on the trial it also helps with MS symptoms.

Mixed reviews so far – but we are only weeks not months into taking biotin. And as it is a b vit - water soluble - there are no side-effects.

Just thought this might help - anything to do with eyes is distressing. Recently, l had lens-replacement procedure done - and now l do not have to wear specs as l have 20/20 vision. And it will stay like that - and no risk of cataracts. For a while l did get ‘circles’ floating - and found focusing difficult. When l went back to the optomorist - she found l had blocked oil glans in eyelids. And by using a mask - heated in the microwave - and held onto the eyes it has cleared. lt is something to do with age! So for me - the circles were an oil slick.

Do you mean circular or ring phosphenes? There is an example of what I was seeing on Youtube using those search terms.

Just had a look mrbobowen helped to explain it more cells under a microscope pictures of them it looks like.