Blurred Vision

Anybody recognise this type of vision problem? My left eye recently doesnt seem to be able to focus on near things at all well. I thought maybe it was the development of age related long sightedness (I am 51) but affecting this eye much more than the other, so I bought all combinations of strength of reading glasses (only £2.00 a pair) but none of them brought any improvement to the vision of my left eye and it seems that the blurring is not related to the ability of the lens to focus.

Hi I have blurred vision. Started last December (40 yrs old and never had glasses) and has got worse and worse. Cannot make out any writing on the TV without glasses now. Close vision seems less affected. Both eyes seem equally blurred. Anita x

Hi Yes, I’m having exactly the same problem at the moment, its driving me absolutely crazy. I have prescription readers, and off the shelf magnifier type, but nothing helps, and white lettering on the computer or tv is far the worse. I’m waiting for a follow up with the opthalmologist, so hopefully they can shed some light on it. Let me know how it goes. Are you diagnosed?

Yes I have it too. Have been to optician and it is not ON… and he said it’s not my eyes at all but the messages to the brain… so definitely MS causing it. After 2 years I have got kind of used to it, and I’m lucky that mine isn’t too bad. Can read for instance. But everything I look at has a ‘shadow’. Suggest you go to optician just to check it out and make sure it’s not ON. Pat x (ps, I’m ppms and whatever type you’ve got, just because I’ve had it 2 years doesn’t mean you will. Most often it’s temporary).

For some years now, successive opticians have not been able to correct my left eye to get really sharp distance vision. Good enough, but not as sharp as the right eye. This tends to be put down to an “incipient cataract”, which has not developed in nearly ten years. Since the majority of my MS symptoms show up to the left (useless left leg, uncertain left arm), and since the optic nerves divide so that a central blur (eg from a cataract) could affect the apparent vision from both eyes, I start to wonder if this is an MS effect. Sort of: the signals are getting through, but the brain does not quite know what to do with them. My last brain scan showed nothing (problem is with spinal lesions) mut I am due for another early next year. I will be asking the neurologist about this. Geoff

Yes I will book an eye checkup. Not diagnosed by the way

Request a field vision test also. I have had blurred vision in left eye for over a year, it is permanent for me as is Optic Neuritis. I have a three year temp driving license as a result of that particular relapse. Good luck!

Yes I’m wondering if it could be a cataract myself. I had an eye operation for glaucoma several months ago but I beieve that can trigger one. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I cannot stand it when the Sun is low and shining directly in my eyes. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I don’t like bright light either. Optician said that even a tiny cataract can act to scatter the light going into the eye, and cause discomfort. I wear sunglasses even on a bright but overcast day, now. Geoff

Would a catarract have more impact on close than distant vision?

Jackie you mean the steroid treatment linked to your MS can cause catarracts? I put steroid drops in my affected eye for several weeks following a trabulectomy op.

Hi, I had blured and double vision for nine months and found bright light intolerable. I started intensive Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment at my local MS Thearapy centre and sight was restored to near normal in a couple of weeks, although light intolerance was still an issue. I had the CCSVI procedure in Decemer 2000 and all light and heat intolerance has gone and life is almost back to normal Good luck Philip

What do you mean by CCSVI?

I’ve just finished 6 weeks of steroids.but today I’ve got blurred vision.I’ve had a eye test in January and nothing had changed eyes feel really tired.

I get blurred vision and double vision quite a lots when I am tired. Nurse said it is a lingering symptom from ON. Last eye test said I have perfect vision…am 29. Kx

I have the same distance vision very bad.Gets even worse when i rush about .Have had this for 3 years now ,and have tried glasses but they just magnify the blurriness. Hey ho maybe there will be a cure .Tim

I am on a 2 year temp driving licence i reckon ill loose it next check then im buggered. Tim