hi there does anybody else have blurred vision during this period ofterrible heat mark. I always suffer a bit but it usually fatigue and a bit of blurred vision but for the past few weeks I can’t see anything in the distance properly its blurred to the point where I can’t even drive cause I can’t even see the road signs properly.I’m petrified that I’m losing my sight I’m diabetic and well on my blood sugar was really high at 30 the other week I spent a week in hospital since then it’s been normal around 67 or eight but I don’t know if I damaged my eyes does anybody else have blurry vision as a result of this heat? I have an eye test tomorrow but I’m terrified as its as the general one so I might not find out what’s happening yet.


I’ve not specifically had blurred vision as a result, but lots of us have had a worsening of various symptoms, so it may well be related. But if you’re worried, get in touch with your eye/diabetes service at hospital (or your GP), let them know your concerns, and ask if you can have an extra eye screening appointment.



I agree with Dan, dont mess about with this. You have diabetes so it could be that, or it could be your MS. I have Optical Neuritis from some months back, and the heat really does kick blurry vision off i wear glasses and sometimes struggle to see with them on.

BUT dont hesitate get it checked out hun. x

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Hello, the heat can cause Uhthoff's phenomenon - Wikipedia but, this calms down when the body cools down. Is your vision affected all the time or just when it’s too hot? Either way, I’d speak to your GP and let them know what’s happening. MS and diabetic, with your eyes playing up? I’d think about giving your GP a call. Good luck.

Thanks folks. I got an emergency appointment with the optician today and they told me immediately I have cataracts in both eyes almost certainly caused by my diabetes high sugar when it was 30 for no reason. its resolved now but I am left with cataract in both eyes which is terrifying, I have to have an assessments next week and then surgery to remove cataracts. in the meantime they have given me some glasses which have enabled me to see clearly again until I have the surgery. I know it’s not strictly related to my MS but has anybody had the surgery done because I’m really scared. I have to have local anaesthetic injected into my eyes and then it’s done while I’m awake I’m really terrified to have it done but I have no choice. I did have optic neuritis years ago which got completely better but no eye problems since until now except the usual blurry vision when I’m tired. I thought it might have been the weather in this heat because that causes me to have blurry vision sometimes but it’s not it’s my diabetes can anybody help? tthanks very much


Not had it myself, but my mum had her’s removed a couple weeks ago. She had it done by laser, and the results were pretty much instant. She said by the time she got home, she watched Wimbledon and was able to see the ball again. Obviously I don’t know if you’ll have laser or traditional surgery, but I hope you find that comforting .


Had cataract surgery in 2012 and 2013. Don#t be nervous the difference IS amazing. My kids have never seen me w.o. glasses!!