Blue Badge!

Hi everyone. Sorry if this has been asked before. I’m 33 and I’m waiting on results to get a diagnosis but since 2 weeks ago I’m unable to walk very far, I’ve always had trouble but b never this bad. I had a completely meltdown looking for cars in a car forecourt as my legs wouldn’t carry me any further and I started to cry (very embarassing) I already have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Do any of you have a blue badge? and if so do you think I’d qualify without the diagnisis or shall I wait, if Ms is even what I have. Regards Cat

I’m so sorry I was supposed to post this in every day living.

Hi Cat , from what I understand it’s not about your diagnosis it’s how it affects you. I think i would apply if I were you. I applied for the blue badge before I’d even appied for pips. I immediately got one. However if you apply for pips you automatically get it if you qualify for the higher mobility rate. Michelle x

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Hi Cat,

I can sympathise with you. The first time it hit me I was returning home from a long walk. As the light started to fade so did my left leg. For the last mile I was dragging myself along using walls and fences to get back.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not diagnosed; if you have trouble walking it should be enough that you are being investigated for the cause of your symptoms. Apply now.