Blue badge

I have been given an EDSS score of 6.5. Is it worth applying for a blue badge?

Do you need one? EDSS i am 6.5 and need one as i use a wheelchair when we go out. Everyone is different on these scales. I am not quite sure if they are accurate or not to be honest.

with MS you can be a 4 one day and an 8 the next.

The blue badge is to help people to go out park to make their lives easier. You get a bigger wider space if you need a wheelchair. Or find it hard to get out of the car. You can park closer to supermarket doors etc, but if you dont feel you need a badge then no if you feel you do then yes.

I get one automatically as i have enhanced mobility on my PIP. My husband had one as he had COPD and could barely walk to the shop door as he had hardly any breath. with the badge he couldnt do our shopping which he wanted to do.


You don’t have to be on enhanced mobility to get a blue badge, although this may vary with different county councils. Warwickshire County Council will give a blue badge to someone with a mobility score of 8, which is standard rate mobility.

I agree that it’s annoying to see blue badges awarded to people who don’t seem to need them. Sometimes it seems that you only need to be a pensioner to get one. I know some pensioners who are more mobile than I am and still have blue badges. I blame the GPs.

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Hello Gloves you do not need a EDSS score. You apply via your local council usually on line. As people have pointed out it is about how far or how difficult it is to walk. On line you will be asked all the usual thinks, DOB , national insurance number , hospital number. Your MS symptoms you have the name and the dates you started with it. GP and address Neurologist and address Any one else you see Drugs you are on Aids you use like rollators , scooter. It will ask you how far you can walk unaided and aided and do you get out of breath. Just tell as it is do not make out are better then you are. The person who reads it is a professional medical person will make an assessment. If they want further details they will call you in for and assessment When I first applied it was issued automatically and I just had to go in for my picture and pay. As it is online you need to have all the information to hand before you start as it will time out if you have to go and route it out


Thanks for all your comments they are really useful. It’s a difficult one most of the time I would say I don’t need one but then the odd time I feel I would benefit. I too get very annoyed when child parking and disability parking is abused. I had 4 children under 4 and needed the child parking.

I think each council has its own set of rules when applying for a Blue Badge.

My council allow an online application but you then have to have a person to person interview/assessment, which is laughable because I know of people who have “hobbled” into their assessment/interview with a walking stick , got the badge and then thrown their walking stick in the boot on their return to their car, not to be used again until their next interview.

The Blue Badge scheme is so easily abused.

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sorry what i meant was if you have enhanced PIP you automatically can have a blue badge, and i believe that is actually correct. No you dont need EDSS score the score just shows how mobile the poster was. I think that was more for ease then anything.

I have friends who have BLUE BADGE who are not pensioners (but i get what your saying as sadly it was mostly older people who needed them). I know pensioners who have applied who can barely walk and did not get the blue badge, after a gruelling testing. My husband was one of them who applied and the test nearly put him in hospital.

He was asked to walk so far and the lady walked with him. He felt faint and had to sit down. He did get it. He was a pensioner with last stage COPD. Sadly he didnt have his blue badge very long as he died six months later.

I think it is a sad thing to make it sound like PENSIONERS are all fakers and and can get the badge where younger people cant. Its not so. Like i said it was the way it was years ago older people had the BB because they had the diseases that warranted it, now sadly it hits younger under 60 and there are a lot who have BB successfully. If you have enhanced PIP you dont have to go for assessment. I didnt.

Sorry I am feeling down.

Like i said if you think you need it apply if not then nothing lost. xxxx we just used to park closer to the doors before i got so sick i needed it. xxx


You’re automatically eligible for a Blue Badge if you either: (i believe its higher for scotland 12).

  • scored 8 points or more in the ‘moving around’ area of your PIP assessment
  • scored 10 points in the ‘planning and following journeys’ area of your PIP assessment and were put in category ‘E’ - this means your stress, anxiety or other mental health issue stops you leaving the house

Check your PIP decision letter if you’re not sure.

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The rule always used to be based on the distance you can walk. If you can comfortably walk more than 50 metres (I presume the repeatedly, safely, reliably, etc), then you don’t qualify. But if it’s under 50 metres, then you do. Or you automatically got a badge if you qualified for the upper rate of DLA for mobility.

Now it’s any rate of PIP for mobility (since the lower rate means you can’t walk 50 metres and of course for the higher rate it’s the iniquitous 20 metres). If you don’t qualify for PIP for mobility, this is the National Criteria (apart from Northern Ireland):

Each council (its the County, Borough, Metropolitan or Unitary Councils) may have its own way of making applications. Some have on line forms, some (like jactacs) clearly insist on a personal assessment. My County Council (West Sussex) allows you to do it either on line or on a written form. I’ve never had an assessment, but then I’ve always qualified on DLA/PIP grounds.



I applied for a Blue Badge years before getting PIP for mobility.

I mentioned my left foot had foot drop. I used a stick and had to change to a automatic car. I also put that because of foot drop and very weak left leg I had to open the drivers door wide to enable me to lift my left leg into the car. People with a wheelchair could claim similar need for it being necessary for a disabled, wider, parking place.

Good luck.



AGAIN the genuine are PENALISED because of the ABUSERS to the system. It has worked for DLA and BLUE BADGE.

If people didn’t scam or abuse our systems we would all be stress free. It makes me so mad that the few ruin it for the many.

If you are genuinely disabled with a need why the hell should we have to jump hoops?

Its like they are doing us a huge favour. Having a blue badge. Does it suddenly mean we are RICH and able to make a huge killing on the stock market? NO it just means that when we have to go out probably and usually for an appointment at the doctors/specialist or even to feed ourselves we can do so in comfort and less pain.

where i live there are more TODDLER AND MOTHER places then DISABLED. do these people have to jump hoops, prove they have kids and a need for these spaces NO. BUT WE DO.

ALSO as to PIP really.

Most of us working or have worked, maybe have some savings get given PIP. I get ENHANCED IN CARE.

DO i benefit?

Yes to degree as I have to USE ALL OF IT to pay FOR MY CARE. Because i get enhance care when i had a financial assessment for my direct payments they took it into account. I had savings over the required amount as sadly i had sold my house and moved into sheltered. I still would like to buy a house, but probably wont as i get no benefits at all and now have to pay full rent, and care needs so having to use my savings.

MANY people who get PIP use it to make their lives easier. some save and buy scooters, or wheelchairs, others to go to gym or swimming etc.

I doubt many are going off on holiday with it and lying on a beach somewhere smoking fat cigars and drinking champagne.

we are penalised over and over again for being DISABLED. there are more and more people becoming disabled, and need help.

I WOULD swap in a heartbeat if i didn’t. believe me.

IF someone is diagnosed with a life changing incurable disease, then why the hell do we have to beg for money. If you have cancer you can get it. a lot of MSERS cant its ludicrous.

Now people with MENTAL HEALTH can get it which i think is good, BUT what about our mental health? the mental health of people who apply for PIP and are left bereft because of lies.

No one wants to get PIP, no one wants to apply for a blue badge. I know my husband didn’t, but he could barely walk so i persuaded him. the assessment nearly put him in hospital. He was diagnosed with END STAGE COPD and still the assessor made him walk way above his capabilities and got a shock when he had to sit on the pavement to catch is breath.

I think the system is cruel, and discriminatory.

and against our human rights.

Maybe we should start marching to parliament in our wheelchairs and scooters.

I just dont understand how some people get PIP and others dont. WHY SOME assessment centres are brilliant and yet others have lying assessors. Is it post code?

SORRY JUST FED up of the same old same oh, nothing changes its been on going since i applied for DLA jeez must be 20 years ago. the same happened then. We had issues with assessors, it was hard to get but we forget that.

WE should never have to beg for help. Its a bit of money to make our lives more independent, isnt that what PIP is about our INDEPENDENCE? Surely if it helps someone with a car and they can get to work or extra money to feed themselves healthier, then perhaps they will feel well enough to go back to work. Isn’t it or couldn’t it be a WIN WIN situation?

SORRY fed up of being disabled, fed up of begging for lifts, fed up of struggling everyday to even want to get up.

generally hey i am FED UP LOL.

I have worked since I was 14 only time i did not work was when i brought up my two daughters, but went back to work. I get a full pension with a little bit from my husbands.

I have to pay full rent.

480.00 a month for a tiny flat. + Council tax A band minus single occupancy

I was getting 10 hours a week direct payments. now because i get PIP enhanced and are over the savings I would have to pay this myself which works out at 10 hours @ 12.00 per hour = 480.00 = outgoings monthly 950.00 (this is just my rent) before i pee or buy myself food and pay for gas and electric etc.

Because I cant afford the care anymore i have had to cut it right back to a bare minimum which means i have to beg for lifts now to go to appointments, and i rarely go out.

YET I know people who are in my situation who have NEVER WORKED in their lives, hey they get it all FREE.

SO the moral of the story is why work? Why did i work my butt end of probably and partly why i got so sick to end up a pensioner with savings as we were able to buy our own home and not take from the state but only ever put in. These people get pension credits, smoke go out on holidays, drink. I know this as fact as I know them.

BUT you know what I wouldn’t change it for the world, as all the great memories I have of working, moving about saving and scrimping to buy our own home, helps me through the dark times of pain. I have done more in my lifetime then many of these people could dream of.

No i wouldn’t change it but it doesn’t make it less unfair.

RANT OVER, not quite sure why i am ranting this morning lol. Maybe its the pain got to me lol.


You can rant all you like, I enjoy the things that you say, my mum read a few of your comments and was really impressed at what you say. So rant and write away.